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Suzanne Kane is an editor at High Gear Media focusing on covering the latest product and other auto-related information for Family Car Guide. Originally from Michigan, with automotive roots going back through the family for decades with the original Big Three – GM, Ford, and Chrysler – Suzanne has always loved cars. You name it, and she’s either owned or driven it. Raising a family, safety was a key priority in the choice of a vehicle – as it is for most American families. But styling, comfort, performance and handling, techno goodies and lots more are also important. Suzanne aims to showcase the best of what’s new in FCG, along with personal stories, a dash of wit, and a never-ending curiosity and enthusiasm for all things automotive.


How Do I Do A VIN Lookup?
How Do I Do A VIN Lookup?

It may sound a little strange, but a VIN lookup isn’t all that difficult. VIN is an acronym for Vehicle Identification Number. Every vehicle has a unique VIN. Using a VIN, you can find out valuable information about the vehicle’s history, whether it has ever been in an accident or...Read More»

Nashville flood car
What Is A Salvage Title?

Sometimes a car deal sounds too good to be true – in which case, it may very well turn out to be a vehicle you want to steer clear of. Case in point involves vehicles with a salvage title. When a vehicle has a salvage title, it typically means that at some point in its history it has been...Read More»

2012 Chevrolet Traverse
5 Fun Road Trip Games For Your Family

Let’s face it. Long road trips can be the bane of family harmony. Cooped up in the car for extended periods without a break is not only a guaranteed source of cramped legs, it’s also a recipe for grouchy kids and adults, quick to argue and much less happy with the driving experience...Read More»

Flat tire, by flickr user Tiger Girl
How To Avoid A Flat Tire

Flat tires and blowouts are a cause of many traffic accidents. Paying attention to the condition of tires and using common-sense driving techniques to avoid road hazards that could result in a blowout can help you avoid a flat tire and, potentially, an accident. Check tire pressure. Underinflated...Read More»

10 Best Value Pet Travel Accessories

Gearing up for a trip with your pet? If you haven’t already, now is an excellent time to prepare for the journey by purchasing a few essential or just desired travel accessories – for your pet. Aside from the requisite crates, carriers, leashes and harnesses, the list of what to take...Read More»

Dogs in the car [photo by John d'Addario]
Pets & Car Travel: A 6 Point Checklist

Whether it’s a holiday trip to visit relatives, take a family vacation, or just out and about doing errands, taking pets along requires a little advance planning and adherence to a few safety guidelines to ensure a safe journey for all. These tips can provide not only peace of mind, but also...Read More»

Cars & Pet Safety: How Do I Transport Exotic Pets?

Millions of American households today have one or more pets as part of the family. According to the Humane Society of the United States, there are an estimated 83.3 million dogs and 95.6 million cats owned in this country. There are also untold numbers of more exotic pets, ranging from hamsters to...Read More»

Dog car harness
Buy The Right Dog Seat Belt & Dog Car Harness

When you whistle to man’s best friend with an invitation to go for a ride, don’t just let the dog climb into the car and sit unrestrained during the outing. That’s asking for disaster in the event of a crash, propelling the animal and causing potential serious or fatal injury. Pet...Read More»

cat in carrier - The Humane Society
Cats & Car Travel: 4 Things To Remember

Cat lovers rarely like being separated from their furry companions, but when it comes to bringing them on a quick or long car trip, there are a few commonsense things to remember. That is, if you both want to arrive at your destination safe and otherwise not traumatized. Place kitty in a cat...Read More»

Ford & American Humane Association remind pickup drivers: dogs ride inside
Cars & Pet Safety: How To Keep Dogs Safe In The Heat

Dogs are beloved pets that frequently travel with their owners on outings and everyday errands. But when the temperatures climb during the summer and early autumn months, exiting the car and leaving Fido behind can quickly become a deadly situation for the dog. How bad could it get? Here are some...Read More»

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