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Suzanne Kane is an editor at High Gear Media focusing on covering the latest product and other auto-related information for Family Car Guide. Originally from Michigan, with automotive roots going back through the family for decades with the original Big Three – GM, Ford, and Chrysler – Suzanne has always loved cars. You name it, and she’s either owned or driven it. Raising a family, safety was a key priority in the choice of a vehicle – as it is for most American families. But styling, comfort, performance and handling, techno goodies and lots more are also important. Suzanne aims to showcase the best of what’s new in FCG, along with personal stories, a dash of wit, and a never-ending curiosity and enthusiasm for all things automotive.


How To Get The Best Lease Swap
How To Get The Best Lease Swap

Whether you are interested in getting out of a car lease or assuming one from someone else for a vehicle you want, a lease swap service can help you navigate the process quickly, conveniently and easily. While there may be minor differences in the packages and services each lease swap service...Read More»

Checking tire pressure - AAA
How To Check Tire Pressure

Since tires are the only connection between your vehicle and the road, ensuring that tires are well-maintained and at optimal pressure is critically important for safety reasons, extending the life of the tires, overall ride comfort and obtaining better gas mileage. Proper tire maintenance includes...Read More»

Smog in New York City
Smog Check: Where To Get Them (And Get Them Cheap)

Depending on where you register your vehicle, you may be required to have a smog and vehicle emissions test performed annually, biennially, or not at all. In some states, Some such as Georgia, Texas and Tennessee, only certain counties or metro areas require such testing (and/or vehicle...Read More»

Smog check
What Happens During A Smog Check?

During a smog check, a licensed technician will attach measuring equipment to your vehicle. The smog check test consists of Emissions Inspection, Visual Inspection and Functional Inspection--all of which ensure your emissions equipment is in place, functioning, and doing its job of weeding out...Read More»

Enterprise Rent-A-Car
Best Rental Car Deals: How To Shop (And When)

Whether it’s a weekend trip out of town, a family road-trip vacation, trying out a different vehicle prior to making a new purchase or securing transportation during a business trip, finding the best deal on a rental car takes a little planning. Knowing how to shop as well as when can make...Read More»

Auto loan
How To Use A Car Loan Calculator

So you want to buy a car and need to figure out how you’re going to be able to manage the monthly payments. Instead of heading to the car dealer and wishing for the best when the finance manager lays out the dollars and cents, make use of a car loan calculator first. The benefits of doing so...Read More»

Used Cars
What’s The Best Way To Search For Used Car Dealers?

Consumers in the market to buy a used car have two options: buy from a used car dealer or a private party. Many consumers opt to go with a used car dealer, preferring to avoid the hassles of dealing with a private party. But what’s the best way to search for used car dealers? Short of driving...Read More»

Smog check
What Is A Smog Check?

Smog check, smog test and emission check all refer to the same thing: a test of vehicle and its engine emissions performed at a licensed smog testing facility. Smog checks are regulated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), whose goal is to protect public health and the environment...Read More»

Car shopping
How To Get The Lowest Car Payment

If you want to buy a new car, but are afraid the monthly payments are going to be out of reach for the vehicle you want, you need a strategy. There are several approaches to take to get the lowest car payment, any one of which may work in your situation. Maintain good credit. Finance experts say...Read More»

Car lot
What Is The Dealer Invoice Price?

One way to eliminate some the confusion about car costs means knowing the basics. One of these is to know what the dealer invoice price is. Simply put, the invoice price is the price the dealer pays to the manufacturer for a particular vehicle. The same car is priced the same for every dealer...Read More»

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