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Suzanne Kane is an editor at High Gear Media focusing on covering the latest product and other auto-related information for Family Car Guide. Originally from Michigan, with automotive roots going back through the family for decades with the original Big Three – GM, Ford, and Chrysler – Suzanne has always loved cars. You name it, and she’s either owned or driven it. Raising a family, safety was a key priority in the choice of a vehicle – as it is for most American families. But styling, comfort, performance and handling, techno goodies and lots more are also important. Suzanne aims to showcase the best of what’s new in FCG, along with personal stories, a dash of wit, and a never-ending curiosity and enthusiasm for all things automotive.


How Your FICO Score Can Affect A New Car Purchase
How Your FICO Score Can Affect A New Car Purchase

When it comes time to buy a new car, you probably already know you should have good credit and that you should check your credit report before making a new car purchase. But what many consumers aren’t clear about is the relationship between what’s on their credit report and their...Read More»

Car seats - misuse harness straps too loose, NHTSA
What To Do If Your Child’s Car Seat Is Recalled

Although recalls tend to make for scary headlines, taking prompt action is a parent’s best precaution when their child’s car seat is the subject of a recall. First, don’t panic. Go to the source to find out particulars surrounding the recall so that you know exactly what you need...Read More»

Car seats - proper installation-toddler, NHTSA
What Should You Do With An Outgrown Car Seat?

When your child surpasses the weight and height limits for his or her current car seat and you’re moving the youngster to the next stage child restraint, what do you do with the outgrown car seat? There are basically four choices: ditching, donating, trading in, or handing down. A fourth...Read More»

Handing over car keys
10 Ways To Know When It’s Time To Repair Or Replace Your Car

For many consumers, owning a car is not a luxury but a necessity. That doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy their car, even pamper it like a member of the family. But time and road miles tend to wreak all sorts of damage and wear on even the best-kept vehicle. Sooner or later, the decision...Read More»

New Tires
How To Get The Most Mileage From Your Tires

Tires are an indispensable part of your vehicle. Without them, you’re not going anywhere. They’re also not cheap, so paying attention to how they’re used and using common sense to extract the most possible safe mileage from them makes a lot of sense. How do you do that? Here are...Read More»

Convertible car seats - The First Years TrueFit Recline
Convertible Car Seats Buying Guide

Parents and other caregivers looking for convertible car seats for their young children often have a tough time sorting out what’s available. While you want the best convertible car seats, you don’t want to pay too much or go overboard with expensive features that aren’t really...Read More»

Teen driver - busy street- AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety
Teens and Driving: 3 Safety Tips

When you’ve finally gotten your driver’s license and are allowed to drive solo, getting behind the wheel means you also have a responsibility to drive safely. Here are three safety tips to keep in mind as you prepare to head out on the road. Practice safe driving habits. According to...Read More»

Money and car keys
How To Get Out Of A Car Lease

Is your monthly payment on a car lease too much for your budget? Do you want or need to get out of this vehicle and into another one, or don’t need a car at all anymore? You can’t just turn in the car to the leasing company and walk away. You’ve signed a contract and are obligated...Read More»

Car accident
How Much Car Insurance Do I Need?

Nobody wants to lay out more money for car insurance than they actually need, especially when budgets are tight and every dollar counts. So how do you determine what amount is absolutely necessary and still gives you peace of mind that you’re adequately covered? Here are some considerations...Read More»

2012 Toyota Prius V
Good First Cars: 5 Tips On A First-Time Car Purchase

Buying a car for the very first time can be intimidating, but it doesn’t need to be. With so many cars available, both new and used, where do you start? Looking for good first cars is a little more manageable if you consider these five tips. Know what you’ve got to spend. It...Read More»

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