Thomas Bey

Thomas Bey is a freelance automotive journalist whose articles have been featured on Ask, Woman and various gender-neutral sites as well.


The Most Unusual Car Features Of All Time
The Most Unusual Car Features Of All Time

You may have noticed television commercials for the Mercedes-Benz S-Class, touting hot-stone massage seats and multicolor ambient lighting. It even atomizes a choice of four scents throughout the impeccably appointed cabin. And the list most definitely goes on. Through the years, Mercedes has...Read More»

Google's Self-Driving Lexus RX450h
What Is A Self-Driving Car?

Pop culture has given us decades of self-driving cars. They’ve fought crime, raised hell and regenerated after being smashed to bits. Like a lot of tech previously considered too farfetched for reality, self-driving cars are here—albeit through highly-controlled testing and in limited...Read More»

Audi's A6 quattro plays in the snow.
How Are Snow Tires Different Than Regular Tires?

If you grew up in a snowy climate when rear-wheel drive cars were king, you remember the big-lugged snow tires that went on back of the family cruiser every winter. The bias-ply beasts had all the visual appeal of farm tractor tires and handled about as well. In-car conversations went up a notch...Read More»

Tire pressure warning lamp - NHTSA
What Are The Best Tires For Different Weather Conditions?

For years, we’ve been advocates of using separate sets of tires to cope with demands of the seasons. Just as you wear different shoes to match weather conditions, your vehicle benefits from the right rubber. It doesn’t matter if you own a performance cars or humble family hauler, it...Read More»

Santa Claus
End Of The Year: The Best Time To Buy A New Car

On an emotional level, spring or summer feel like the best time to buy a new car. We imagine envy from neighbors and open stretches of highway on road trips. On a practical level, the best time to buy is end of the year. The prospect might not appeal as much when you’re all shopped out from...Read More»

AMG all-wheel drive system for compact cars
What Is All-Wheel Drive?

Vehicle marketing and reviews make frequent mention of all-wheel drive and describe improved capabilities in challenging conditions. But wait—isn’t that the same as four-wheel drive? It is, yet it isn’t. Here’s a brief rundown to provide a little clarity. Different than...Read More»

winter breakdown
What Do I Do When My Car Won't Start?

We take for granted the simple act of our cars starting the first time, every time. That can’t always happen though, for various reasons. The old guideline that a car needs proper amounts of air, fuel and spark to run is being somewhat redefined by electrics and hybrids. Still, there are some...Read More»

For Sale
Selling A Car: 3 Unique Ideas

Few of us are blessed with having a vintage multimillion-dollar classic car to sell, the kind that will essentially sell itself. For those of us in the masses, mass-produced cars are generally what we have to sell. That doesn’t mean you can’t stand apart when it’s time to part...Read More»

Teen driver - busy street- AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety
What Tracking Devices Are Available For My Car?

They say you don’t need to use turn signals in a small town, since everyone knows where you’re going. For better or worse, there are practical needs for knowing where your car is going and has been—especially when you’re not using it. Here are some types of tracking devices...Read More»

MINI Cooper with Airstream
Trailer Hitch Installation: 3 Tips

More drivers are taking more along with them by installing trailer hitches. On cars they offer added convenience of towing small trailers or adding bike racks without resorting to awkward roof mounts. Trailer hitches also open tons of possibilities for work or play when connecting them to RVs...Read More»

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