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Pick Your (Advertising) Poison: Glenn Beck or Charlie Sheen
Pick Your (Advertising) Poison: Glenn Beck or Charlie Sheen

If I was a betting kind of guy, I would always bet on a winner, someone with a track record of success, who delivers you the goods time and again. This goes for sports or politics or restaurants, or in many cases automobile manufacturers and their affiliates. So what do the geniuses at the ad...Read More»

2011 Jaguar XJ
Jaguar Really Needs an Arthur

Upon watching Tiger Woods in the final round of the Masters, in between the action there was a commercial for Rolex, Titlest, Acura cars, and oddly a promo for the new remake of Arthur. Okay, admit it, you were giddy -- nay, dare I say excited -- when the recent remake of Arthur came out, with that...Read More»

2011 Smart Fortwo
Kobe Bryant is Smart And Goes to 11--In China

When I saw this commercial for the Smart Car a little while a go, all I could think of was one movie that is widely lauded by biblical scholars, male slackers with low-riding, pizza-stained jeans, and most Caucasian men in their 40s who once may have been cool, hip and with it for about one...Read More»

2011 Volkswagen CC 4-door Sedan Lux Angular Rear Exterior View
How To Prevent Treason, Ambush, and Murder: VW's Side Assist

With VW proudly touting they will be the number-one automaker in the world in short order--VW is selling more cars than ever before in its illustrious history, and Ferdinand Piech is pulling the strings at the nine brands he oversees in the motorized rainbow of the Volkswagen Group--there is a lot...Read More»

2011 Porsche 911 Black Edition
Video: Secret To Eternal Happiness - Porsche Elixir

 Eternal happiness. What is it? How do you find it? Would you kill your neighbor for it? Well, you’d probably kill your neighbor for other reasons, such as that rodent of a cat that tears up your garden at night and then it howls and wails when its in heat. Speaking of howling and...Read More»

2011 BMW M3 2-door Coupe Grille
Driving BMW: It’s Not Just Cars Anymore

 Bavarians, if you ask them, are stubborn, proud, defiant and like to eat pork in all its forms, and swill beer and enjoy life. They are the Italians of Germany. They waltz to the beat of their own drum and frankly most other Germans either despise them or are jealous of them. Or both. The...Read More»

2012 Ford Focus Electric
Ford Focus Therapy: Talk To Doug the Puppet

Unless you’re a shut-in, or you’re in solitary confinement at a maximum security prison, or the cable company decided to do repairs on your connection to the outside world and curb your on-line gaming addiction - or you’re my dad who thinks everything is horse droppings - you have...Read More»

Audi Adaptive Headlights
Video: What Does the 'A' in Audi Stand For?

Pop quiz: What does the 'A' in Audi stand for? OK, time's up. Put your iPads and iPhones and Blackberries down. If you said it's the Latin translation of the founder's surname, August Horch, then you found the answer on Wikipedia faster than I did. I don't care because that isn't where...Read More»

2011 Scion xB
Akira And The Scion xB: Standing Out

As the news was blaring about the nightmare in Japan, all I could think of was an anime classic film called Akira that was heavy-duty post-apocalyptic and full of crazy motorcycles and cars, among other wild stuff. Then I thought, why think only of the bad and look instead for some good, and in...Read More»

2012 Mercedes-Benz SLK
Video: Mercedes-Benz Creates Automotive Addicts

The fine folks over at MotorAuthority displayed some of the latest Mercedes-Benz ads that display some fresh thinking on the part of the revered Swabian producers of luxury vehicles, and it is a welcome change. I say this because some of the latest M-B ads have been a little underwhelming. And I...Read More»

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