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2009 BMW X3
2009 BMW X3

The 2009 BMW X3 is the German automaker's compact crossover SUV. It's assembled in South Carolina. It's a rival for vehicles like Land Rover LR2 and Acura RDX, as BMW's entry-level off-roader. When the BMW X3 first hit the streets in 2004, it had a harsh ride and wasn't as refined as...Read More»

Left-foot braking
Heloise Rotates the Tires

Q--I recently had occasion to change a tire. These events never happen at a good time and I was wondering how I was going to clean my hands after the job was done. It dawned on me that I had a couple of plastic sleeves from the morning newspapers in the back seat. They worked great as makeshift...Read More»

tips from Subaru on being prepared for driving in a snowy climate
Silencing the Windows

Q--Although I read many times that rustproofing was a waste of money, the salesman convinced my wife that it would make a much quieter ride so I went along with this add-on. Now, I am having problems with the power windows. I had the driver’s side repaired under warranty in 1997. It failed again...Read More»

tips from Subaru on being prepared for driving in a snowy climate
More Idiots

Q--I wish you would write a column directed to the automakers about how incredibly stupid that “check engine” message is. You would think they could show some other reasonable message. Every once in a while I get frantic cell phone calls from my wife or daughter when that message is displayed...Read More»

Left-foot braking
Idiot Lights for Beginners

Q--If a faulty or missing gas cap can signal a “check engine” warning light, what else can? I suspect a low fuel quantity will as well, but how about a low oil pressure or low oil? Would low battery voltage initiate a check engine light? Just what parameters does this check engine light cover?...Read More»

tips from Subaru on being prepared for driving in a snowy climate
The Letting Go

Q--I regularly check my tire pressure and adjust as needed. I notice when I go to my local Jiffy Lube they always seem to let air out of my tires. When I check the tires the following morning (cold), sure enough, they are way too low. Tires are always supposed to be gauged when cold (before...Read More»

Left-foot braking
Gas Brands

Q--Should you use the same brand of gasoline all the time? A--It is neither necessary nor feasible--especially if you are traveling and your favorite brand is not available in the area.Read More»

2014 Jeep Cherokee 4WD 4-door Trailhawk Dashboard
Jeep Cherokee: Cherokee Plugs

Q--I have a Jeep Cherokee 4.0 liter-engine that's approaching its recommended spark plug replacement mileage (intervals of 30,000 miles per the owners manual). I'm interested in replacing the standard plugs with a multi-electrode or split electrode platinum plug for three reasons: increased...Read More»

2005 Cadillac Escalade 4-door 2WD Steering Wheel
Cadillac: Caddy Changes

Q--According to the owner’s manual for my new Cadillac, oil is to be changed when indicated by the DIC program. However the dealer insists the oil be changed every 3 months or 3,000 miles. I drive approximately 15,000 miles annually with about 70-percent city driving. I am confused by these...Read More»

Left-foot braking
Training Day

Q--I work 9-5 behind a desk, but would like to learn how to work on automobiles during the next few years as a hobby. Could you recommend a program or training facility that might be convenient for my schedule? I am in no particular hurry to complete the training and could begin with scooter...Read More»

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