Colin Mathews, Author

One part politico, two parts mechanic, and three parts rabid diesel enthusiast, Colin Mathews started his career as a freelance writer in Atlanta in 1999, graduated to editorial assistant and then road test coordinator at Motor Trend Magazine, and finally got his start writing and photographing at Super Street Magazine in 2002.

Preferring personal training and an apprenticeship with an auto mechanic in Malibu to the pressures, mergers, and budget cutbacks of the post-9/11 media world, he took a hiatus from writing to focus on sculpting physiques in the gym and wrenching on, rebuilding, and fine-tuning the wheels of some of SoCal's storied citizens. Exposure to the tree-huggers on the left-coast introduced him to the land of veggie-powered Mercedes-Benz diesels, inspiring the purchase of a 1982 Benz 300TD wagon with over 300,000 miles. Nearly every weekend is spent trolling the junkyards of Atlanta for trim pieces and mechanical bits for the clunker-turned-classic that now runs on used cooking grease.

Colin is a cum laude graduate of the University of Georgia's Henry W. Grady school of Journalism & Mass Communication, a former White House intern under the Clinton Administration where he assisted with speechwriting, and perhaps most passionately the kind of guy who dissected lawnmower engines as a kid and took a $500 '63 Volkswagen Beetle from dilapidated to drivable as his first proud ride in high school.


Car-Based 2011 Ford Explorer Rumored For Chicago Assembly
Car-Based 2011 Ford Explorer Rumored For Chicago Assembly

It's looking like the 2011 Ford Explorer will be produced at the same Chicago factory that assembles the Ford Taurus X. This has fueled speculation that the next-gen Explorer will abandon the current vehicle's truck chassis in favor of a lighter car-based architecture. Ford has indeed confirmed...Read More»

Acura Crossover New York
Acura's New '4-Door Sport Coupe' To Be Called ZDX

It's official - Acura's new "four-door sport coupe," which will debut at the New York Auto Show (4/8 at 11:00 a.m.), will be called the ZDX. Previously, we'd reported on Web speculation that the prototype vehicle would be named MSX, but Acura's release today formalizes its name. Acura VP for sales...Read More»

Bob Nardelli
Chrysler Responds Positively to Federal Stance, Assistance

Chrysler CEO Bob Nardelli reacted positively to news of the Obama Administration, U.S. Treasury, and Auto Task Force's news of assistance as the automaker restructures and preps for an alliance with Italian automaker Fiat. Nardelli says he's been meeting weekly with the Auto Task Force team since...Read More»

Barack Obama
Gov't Gives GM 'Adequate Working Capital For Next 60 Days'

In an address from the White House Grand Foyer, President Obama said the U.S. Government hasĀ  no interest - or intention - of running GM and Chrysler. Rather, in lending GM enough capital to operate for 60 days, Chrysler enough to operate for 30 days, the additional money is intended to give the...Read More»

2009 Mazda Mazda6
Mazda Will Find MPG Increases Through Diesels, Reduced Weight

"We believe that improving today's conventional engines at a low cost is the most effective way to get fuel-efficient cars to proliferate," said Mazda research and development head Seita Kanai to reporters in Tokyo. In response to the growing list of automakers offering gas/electric hybrids, Mazda...Read More»

Barack Obama
Obama Administration Raises Fuel Economy Standards For 2011

Facing an April 1 deadline for auto fuel economy standard improvements, the Obama Administration today announced that 2011 model year standards for all U.S. light vehicles will increase by 8 percent to land at 27.3 average mpg. Broken down, this means 30.2 mpg (up from 27.5) for cars, 24.1 mpg (up...Read More»

2010 Fisker Karma
Fisker Chooses 27 Experienced Retailers For 2009 Karma Sedan

On the heels of the Tesla Model S sedan unveil yesterday, competitor Fisker Automotive announced today that it's hand picked 27 retailers to sell the 2009 Fisker Karma. The vehicle is still slated for showrooms later this year and is a plug-in hybrid that can travel up to 50 miles on electric power...Read More»

GM CEO Rick Wagoner
$700 Billion Rescue Fund Likely Source Of Auto Bailout Funds

"Dwindling reserves," of the $700 billion rescue fund, says Automotive News, will likely be the source for additional auto industry bailout money that the Obama Administration yesterday signaled will likely be going forward. Deadline for the formal announcement is March 31. They're turning to the...Read More»

2012 Tesla Model S prototype
Tesla Model S Specs: Performance, Technology, Efficiency

Given Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk's claims today, Tesla's Model S all-electric sedan would seem to one-up the stunning Fisker Karma, an E-REV that uses a small gasoline engine to turn a generator. The zero emissions Model S is said to accelerate to 60 mph in roughly the same time (5.6 seconds) as...Read More»

2012 Tesla Model S
Tesla Model S: $49,900, 7(ish) seats, 0-60 in 5.6, 300-mile range

Here at the SpaceX Rocket Facility in Los Angeles, Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk and Design Chief Franz von Holzhausen just pulled the wraps off the Model S sedan. Musk held court with the media and spoke easily - and openly - about many details, while a shy von Holzhausen mostly stood by quietly...Read More»

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