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A former auto engineer, race driver and advanced technology vehicle test and development manager, Gary Witzenburg has been writing about automobiles, auto people and the auto industry for 17 years. He has been a regular contributor to a wide variety of national magazines including Playboy, Popular Mechanics, Car and Driver, Road & Track, Motor Trend, Autoweek and Automobile Quarterly and has authored seven automotive books. He is currently a Contributing Editor/Writer for Kelley Blue Book, The Robb Report, and in addition to


At Witz’ End: What’s an American Car?
At Witz’ End: What’s an American Car?

So what is an “American” car? If it is simply one built inAmerica, as most foreign makers and U.S. media would have you believe, then vehicles built in Canada are Canadian, those assembled in Mexico are Mexican and Porsches built in Finland are Finnish. But we know intuitively that’s not the...Read More»

pontiac g8 motorauthority 005
Witzenburg: Elephant in the Boardroom

Study: Product Woes Hobble GM by Joseph Szczesny (2/26/2006)Despite talk of change, new products aren’t swift enough, say analysts. Witz: How GM Should Fix Itself by Gary Witzenburg (11/21/2005)There’s no quick and easy solution, but perceptions could help greatly. Everyone knows how Japanese...Read More»

2003 Cadillac Sixteen concept
2003 Detroit Show: Best Yet?

Related Articles:2003 Detroit Auto Show Coverage by TCC Team (1/11/2003) Three dozen press conferences and several miles of slogging through three media preview days of this country’s best and most extravagant new-car show, I’m convinced that 2003 marks the dawn of a new Golden Age of the...Read More»

GM V-12
GM Shows V-12, New Six, And More

MILFORD, Mich. — For the second time in three years, General Motors has unveiled some of its most important future powertrain products and technologies to let the world know exactly where it’s going. Why? To improve its image and head off criticism that many of its engines and transmissions are...Read More»

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