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Nick is one of several regular contributors to The Car Connection's weekly series of automotive "spy shots," as well as a frequent product reviewer and contributor of new stories. The youngest contributor to The Car Connection, he works as an independent journalist and as a consultant for AutoPacific, an exclusively automotive marketing and product consulting firm based in California. He has contributed to such publications as Automotive News, AutoWeek, and Popular Mechanics. Over the past six years, Mr. Twork has had several hundred photographs published under either his own byline or the Jim Dunne/Popular Mechanics byline, these works appearing in a variety of publications ranging from Car and Driver to Autocar. He works closely with Mr. Dunne in providing a glimpse into the future of the automotive industry. He has earned an Associate degree in Automotive Marketing and will graduate in May of 2001 with a bachelor's degree in Automotive Marketing/Business Management at Northwood University in Midland, Mich.


2001 Frankfurt Auto Show IV
2001 Frankfurt Auto Show IV

2001 Frankfurt Auto Show Index Talk about the '01 Frankfurt show here! Pininfarina/Ford Start Concept Italian design house Pininfarina showcased the Ford Start concept at Frankfurt. The car, a 2+2 said to be derived from a Ford car platform, attempts to ask the question of whether or not another...Read More»

2002 Dodge Ram
Preview: 2002 Dodge Ram

Here’s what good styling can do for you: after the 1994 Dodge Ram pickup — the one with the Peterbilt lantern jaw — had been on sale for a year, sales totals were almost three times those of the previous model. By 1999, the Ram reached 439,000 units. Basically, with the Ram, Dodge went from...Read More»

2002 Jeep Liberty
DC Cuts Next Jeep, Big SUV

Several potentially vital new product programs have been cut out of DaimlerChrysler’s future Chrysler lineup, sources confirm with The Car Connection. Production versions of the Dodge Charger R/T and Chrysler 300 Hemi C concepts are among the casualties. A new Suburban-sized SUV based on the next...Read More»

3M Paint Defender
Five Cool Things from SEMA

SIZE MATTERS. Available in size 305/40R-23, the Toyo 23-inch Proxes S/T brings new meaning to the idea of plus-sizing tires. The all season tire is meant for light-truck applications like the Lincoln Navigator and Cadillac Escalade. Toyo is the first manufacturer to market a 23-inch tire, they say...Read More»

2001 Honda S2000
2001 Honda S2000

Some thumb-suckers in the automotive media have criticized the Honda S2000 for its lack of a clock and its plastic back window. We think they’ve missed the point, maybe just a wee bit. How often does a purists’ sports car come speeding around the nearest apex anyway? Let’s get a few things...Read More»

Honda Civic
Civic Pride

Honda owes much of its reputation to its development and manufacturing processes. Like every other auto company, each time a new model is launched, those processes are adjusted in hopes of reducing cost, increasing product quality and reducing development time. So it's no surprise that Honda is...Read More»

2008 cadillac sts review 007
GM Gets Back Inline

General Motors recently invited us to their proving ground in Milford, Mich., to introduce its new lineup of in-line engines. The first out of the new family of in-line four, five and six-cylinder engines to debut will be a 4.2-liter in-line six. Its first production application will be in the 2002...Read More»

2001 Volvo V70 Cross Country
2001 Volvo V70 Cross Country

Lars Eric Lundin is just the type of person who Volvo would like to have as an owner of its new Cross Country. He is an active, youthful and adventuresome individual who enjoys such activities as flying and automobile racing in his spare time. However, Volvo will not be hard pressed to sell him on...Read More»

Future Truck Challenge
Future Truck Challenge

Better emissions, improved fuel economy, improved acceleration, consumer acceptability, and high towing capacity are on the wish list of nearly all engineers who work on developing modern light trucks. Combining all these features is no small feat, even for mammoth auto companies with deep pockets...Read More»

2000 Mercedes E55 AMG
2000 Mercedes E55 AMG

And while this car will not make your life eternal bliss, a drive in it is sure to etch a smile on your face, deeply. And, unlike some sports cars, you won't have to look as if you’re having a mid-life crisis while you’re driving the E55. With only subtle exterior cues to differentiate it from...Read More»

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