Ian Norris, Editor

A while back, Ian felt a pang of sadness in September 1998 when he realized he was celebrating his fortieth anniversary in the car business. Back in 1958 he joined Austin as an apprentice, and at the end of his training went into the company's PR department. It was during the great days of the Mini, and London was swinging. It was fun, but in 1967 Norris moved to Dunlop, working on the company's motor sport PR program. Dunlop was Jackie Stewart's main sponsor in F1, provided Porsche's sports car tires and rallied with Ford and BMC - so that was kind of fun too. After a year and a half with Lucas in the early Seventies came a move into Europe with Champion Plugs, based in Brussels. Again there was a strong motorsport flavor, which strengthened when Norris went freelance in 1978. It was the start of five years in GP bike racing, with Kenny Roberts and later Eddie Lawson, doing PR and reporting for UPI and Cycle Weekly in the US. In 1984, Jaguar brought him back to England to look after their PR in Europe. Within a year, the company was back in racing, so he was drafted in to cover PR for the team before moving to New Jersey as part of Jaguar's PR team in the US. In 1990, Jaguar Inc decided to out-source PR, so Ian went back to freelancing and Britain. Today, Norris lives in Royal Leamington Spa, the acknowledged Hub of the Universe, is a Contributing Editor to Road & Track, Editor in Chief of Automobile Year, the world's leading automotive annual, and does scripts and voice-overs for automotive videos. He is available for freelance commissions, speaking engagements and bookstore openings.


2000 Birmingham Motor Show
2000 Birmingham Motor Show

Britain's national auto show closed recently, having played host to thousands of car fans who had come from all over the country to the site near Birmingham in the English midlands. There was a time when Birmingham was home to a dozen or more major manufacturers, with more in nearby Coventry...Read More»

2000 Hyundai Elantra GLS
2000 Turin Auto Show

The Turin auto show, which opened in the Northern Italian city on June 10, is no longer the international event it once was. As Italy's manufacturers coalesce under the Fiat banner and withdraw from important foreign markets, the show no longer attracts much attention outside Italy. Except, that...Read More»

Ford 24.7 truck
2000 Detroit Show: Ford's 24.7

Aside from treacherous behavior on behalf of fellow press (how much flesh is a press kit worth, in reality?), the biggest disappointment of the recent Detroit Auto Show was Ford's 24-7 concept car, shown in the form of a bland trio of sedan, wagon and pickup. Compared to the massed ranks of...Read More»

Det. Auto Show pic
2001 Detroit Show: Euro Hangover

Back in Royal Leamington Spa, a town where the last big event was when Queen Victoria came to take the curative waters, I’m able to look back on a visit to the first week of the North American International Automobile Show. To someone used to European auto shows, it’s quite a stunning, strange...Read More»

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