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Call him The Car Connection’s curmudgeon-at-large. But to twist an old slogan, when Jerry Flint talks, people listen. And for good reason. Born an educated in Detroit, Mr. Flint served a stint with Army Intelligence in Europe, before The Wall Street Journal from 1958 to 1967. In 1967, he went to work as bureau chief for The New York Times in Detroit, a position he held until 1973. In 1973, he went to New York for The Times as Assistant to the National Editor. Mr. Flint left The Times in 1979 to join Forbes Magazine, where he remained until his retirement in 1996. There were more than a few folks who sighed in relief when Mr. Flint’s retirement approached, for his insightful and often cutting style left more than a few automotive “emperors” standing naked. But Mr. Flint wasn’t ready to drive off into the sunset, and he continues to be an active member of the automotive media—and one of the most widely-read columnists for The Car Connection. While no longer on staff, Mr. Flint writes the regular column, "Back Seat Driver," for Forbes, serves as a contributing editor on CNN/FN, produces a monthly column for Ward's Auto World and is President of the International Motor Press Association.


Flint: Does Detroit Hate America?
Flint: Does Detroit Hate America?

GM, UAW Near Deal on Buyouts by Joseph Szczesny (3/19/2006)Deal could mean thousands move off Delphi's rosters. CAW Approves Camaro Changes by Joseph Szczesny (3/13/2006)Plant rules will enable Canadian factories to build Zetas, including Camaro. The current Detroit enthusiasm for global...Read More»

2006 Volkswagen GTI
Flint: VW’s Sinking Ship?

2006 Volkswagen Golf GTI by Conor Twomey (2/26/2006)Recapturing enough essence. VW Turns To GTI For Juice by Jim Burt (2/26/2006)Company pins GTI hopes on a curious new icon. I’ve always had a soft spot for Volkswagen. I was a soldier in the occupation army inGermany as VW rebuilt itself. They...Read More»

DIY Hoverwing. Image via The Nelson Mail.
Big Advice for GM's Small Cars

To: Ron Zarrella President General Motors North America Dear Ron, It would help if we talked about your plans before you pushed ahead. As it is this advice comes late, and you probably won’t like to hear it but: Your plans for a small car revival are fatally flawed. You have said GM will: Build a...Read More»

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