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It’s with a bit of sadness that I write to report I have left The Car Connection, the automotive website I launched a dozen years ago.  While my departure may be bittersweet, I can say I’m proud of what we’ve been able to build – one of the Internet’s most useful sources of automotive...Read More»

What Next as Car Sales Collapse?

Reporting on the auto industry can be a bit difficult, these days, certainly if you're hoping to find something good to say. And the latest news is no exception. Wrapping up the second quarter, General Motors announced a whopping $15.5 billion loss, the third-worst in its history, and nearly double...Read More»

Bertone BAT 11
BAT 11 Out of Hell?

By all rights, the BAT 11 simply shouldn't exist. The incredibly sexy sportscar, pictured above, is the work of the folks at Stile Bertone. Certainly, you've heard that name before. It's penned the designs for a long procession of over-the-top autos, such as the Lamborghini Countach. But when work...Read More»

Bob Nardelli
Nardelli to Chrysler Workers: All's Good, Sort Of

Hard as it is to imagine, we're coming up on the first anniversary of Chrysler's takeover by the folks at Cerberus Capital Management. It's been a year of turmoil and one involving some massive change, both in the industry as a whole and at Chrysler in particular. Plants have been ordered closed;...Read More»

Audi V-8 engine
The V-8 Is Dead -- Long Live the V-8

The V-8 is dead. Long live the V-8. Probably nothing is more symbolic of America’s love affair with the automobile than the classic eight-banger. It’s the engine of choice for muscle car knuckle-draggers, luxury car aficionados, and truck haulers alike. And until recently, V-8s were stuffed...Read More»

GM Loses $15.5 Billion

General Motors posted a massive $15.5 billion second-quarter loss, a widening deficit that underscored the mounting problems facing the giant automaker, Detroit, and the auto industry in general. The huge loss, one of the worst in industry history, and nearly double the record deficit posted by...Read More»

VW Up Concept
More VW Product Coming to U.S.?

It seemed like forever before Volkswagen finally decided to put up a new assembly plant in the U.S., decades after closing its original, ill-fated facility, in Westmoreland, Pennsylvania. But now, the automaker can't wait to expand an operation still several years away from opening. It was just...Read More»

Nissan Titan
It's Not Just Detroit

While Detroit's Big Three automakers may be struggling for their very survival, the domestic manufacturers aren't the only ones suffering from the current car market downturn. The sharp slump in light truck sales have slammed hard two of the Japanese Big Three, including Toyota, which has already...Read More»

GM Stock Chart 7-17-08
The Cuts Keep Coming

The cuts keep coming, and anyone collecting a check from Detroit's Big Three has to be wondering for how much longer. General Motors has confirmed that the 15 percent cut in salaried "costs" it announced earlier this month will result in the loss of 5,000 white-collar jobs. Look for the bulk of...Read More»

Car Dealer
End of the Cheap Lease Era

If something seems too good to be true…maybe it is. Yet for the last two decades, automakers have swallowed a bit of pixie dust (or was that electric Kool-Aid?) and convinced themselves the lease is the industry’s best friend. There seemed to be plenty of reasons why automakers and auto buyers...Read More»

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