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Using Craigslist To Sell Your Car Fast

Using Craigslist To Sell Your Car Fast

Craigslist has gained a reputation for its colorful variety of ads, from hot plates to hot dates. The free and instant format makes it a popular choice for quick buying or selling, not the least of which are cars. Check these guidelines for better odds of selling your car fast on the website...

October 9, 2013 by
Money and car keys

Buying A Car: Car Loan Checklist

Once the car shopping bug bites, your focus is on finding the car you want and getting it home. Gathering copies of personal records doesn’t exactly heighten the joy of... read more October 7, 2013 by


Car Financing Options Made Easy

Car financing once meant back-and-forth trips between bank and car dealer. It was uncomfortably reminiscent of “go ask your mother, go ask your father.”... read more October 7, 2013 by

Auto loan

How To Finance A Car & Get A Car Loan

If you have to finance your car purchase with a loan, you’re certainly in the majority. How you establish it can set you apart, though. Follow these guidelines for a... read more October 6, 2013 by

Money and car keys

Top Car Financing Options

Most of us finance our car purchases with loans, but where the loans originate is another matter. Just as one car doesn’t suit every driver, one car finance option... read more October 6, 2013 by

1968 Jaguar E-Type Coupe, for sale on eBay, April 2013

Selling Your Car: How To Trade In Your Car

Falling for a car on a dealer’s lot is the easy part. What can get sticky is knowing how to trade in your existing car. With the right mindset and preparation, you can... read more October 5, 2013 by

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Buying A Used Car: Negotiating Tips & Tricks

Whether you shop a dealer or private party, buying a used car is going to take negotiating. Not everyone relishes the idea, but with a few tips and tricks you can make it... read more October 5, 2013 by

2004 Mazda Mazda6 used car

How To Avoid Used Car Lawsuits

When selling your used car, besides getting it detailed and looking spiffy as can be, there are some other things to consider. You want to protect yourself and avoid a... read more October 4, 2013 by

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Guide To Selling Your Used Car

Somewhere between automotive hand-me-downs and trade-ins is the prospect of selling your used car. Following some basic steps can lead to a successful sale, and could even... read more October 4, 2013 by

62 prototype x rear spoiler

Car Dealer Options & Accessories: Are Any Worth It?

When you buy new or used from a car dealer, you could drive home with more than a new set of wheels. A number of options and accessories could come along for the ride... read more October 4, 2013 by

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Tips to Sell Your Car Fast

Eventually, and for any of many reasons, you will probably need to sell your car fast. You might sacrifice some money in exchange for a fast sale, but such is the price of... read more October 4, 2013 by

lemon law repair

Used Car Lemon Laws: What Are They?

Does it seem that your car is in for repairs more than it’s in your driveway--or more to the point, for the same repairs, over and over again? If that’s the case... read more October 3, 2013 by

Car care - checking tires - AAA

Car Fluid Levels: How to Check and Maintain

Fluids are the lifeblood of your car. Besides being necessary for many of the mechanical components in your car to serve their tasks, fluids also cool, lubricate, and protect... read more October 3, 2013 by

Oil cap

Oil Changing Tips: How Often Should I Change My Oil?

Whether you’re a do-it-yourselfer and handle your own oil changes — or have this messy, not-fun job handled by a service shop — it’s important to know... read more October 3, 2013 by

Car care - checking oil - AAA

Recycling Your Car's Oil (And Other Parts): What's the Right Way to Do It?

You might find the proper disposal of old parts and fluids a dilemma, especially if you like to do your own car repairs and maintenance. Automotive fluids are highly toxic... read more October 3, 2013 by

Oil cap

How to Change Your Car's Oil: 7 Simple Steps

Here’s the bummer: Your car needs periodic maintenance, which means, you have to do more than just fill it up with gas every other day and vacuum it out before a big... read more October 3, 2013 by


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