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Mini Lifestyle

One of the main jobs of a motoring journalist after a major automobile show is to go through the piles of written information collected in the cause of making sure you have the facts to back up what you write. Sorting through the harvest from Paris, I came across a fascinating little publication I...

October 16, 2000 by
Digging Out

Digging Out

October 9, 2000


September 11, 2000
Tesla Motors CEO Elon Musk delivers first Tesla Model S electric cars in Tokyo, Sept 2014


GM SALES LOWER THAN PREDICTED General Motors reports that its sales fell by 2.6 percent in July, versus July 1999. The automaker, especially hurt by a drop in full-size... read more August 2, 2000 by 0

2008 tesla roadster motorauthority 003

Grand Prix, Grand Prizes

On June 28th, in the offices of the Fédération Internationale de l'Automobile (FIA) in Geneva, delegates from over 70 national motoring associations around the world, who... read more July 14, 2000 by 0

mercedes benz esf 2009 experimental safety vehicle 003


A SUV FOR SAAB A SUV is in the future for General Motors’ Saab unit, according to Automotive News. An article in the weekly magazine said that Saab’s first entry into the... read more February 15, 2000 by 0

Cairo Mitsubishi 2000

Total Paris-Dakar Rally

CAIRO -- It's been a long 18 days since the 22nd running of the Paris-Dakar-Cairo race started in Dakar. At that time more than 600 competitors on some 200 bikes, in 141 cars... read more January 24, 2000 by 0

1999 Detroit Auto Show

Yoostabees: Auto Shows of Yore

"Son, let's go down to the Auto Show and take a look at the new Cords and Lincoln-Zephyrs," I remember my Dad saying. It must have been the fall of 1935, the depth of the... read more January 3, 2000 by 0

Paris Dakar start 2000

Total Paris-Dakar-Cairo Rally Race 2000

PARIS — It's a long way from this famed French city to Cairo in Egypt. By air it takes about four hours. By land you can, in theory at least, go through Europe and Turkey... read more January 3, 2000 by 0

Ghosn and Hanawa Nissan

Merger Mania

The harbinger of the future of the auto industry came last Monday in Tokyo. As Nissan’s chairman, Yoshikazu Hanawa, stood wordlessly, Renault appointee Carlos Ghosn calmly... read more October 25, 1999 by 0

Nissan Logo

Ghosn, Ghosn, Gone?

Expect to see a quick turnaround for troubled Japanese automaker Nissan Motor Co., says the company's newly-appointed chief operating officer. While that's likely to be taken... read more July 19, 1999 by 0


Driving the Evoq

A thick pallor of diesel smoke and haze blankets the City of Lights as our helicopter heads north towards the Parisian suburb of Mortefontaine. The Cadillac line-up will... read more July 5, 1999 by 0

1949 Buick around the world

Around the World…in a Buick?

Fifty-six-year-old Pat Brooks is a trial lawyer in Marshalltown, Iowa, with an interest in old cars. His wife Mary, 53, a former social worker, enjoys participating in active... read more June 30, 1999 by 0

mercedes amg driving academy 2009 001

Amelia Island Concours d'Elegance

Now in its fifth year, the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance has quickly become one of the nation’s premier classic car shows. It’s a place to see and be seen, whatever... read more March 28, 1999 by 0

Renault Nissan logo combo

Renault Takes On Nissan

by William Diem PARIS — Renault has stepped up to the craps table and thrown the dice. Chairman Louis Schweitzer, who has guided his company to profits and respect, has... read more March 21, 1999 by 0

Old Beetle

Stuttgart Went Off-Road Before

Whenever we mention the name Porsche, people instantly think of sleek, expensive sports cars. With a little concentration, many will be able to remember the many... read more February 22, 1999 by 0

1941 Chrysler LeBaron Thunderbolt

Art appreciation: Of cars and canvases

Art and the automobile are related in a number of ways. First, there's the art OF the automobile. Beyond its utilitarian reason for being are its aesthetics. The way it... read more December 31, 1997 by 0

2010 Jaguar C-X75 Concept, released at 2010 Paris Motor Show

Vive le Viper

PARIS —Traffic has ground to the usual standstill around the Arc de Triomphe. But suddenly, unexpectedly, the phalanx of frustrated French drivers parts, as if driven by... read more December 31, 1997 by 0


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