Selling A Car: 3 Unique Ideas

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Few of us are blessed with having a vintage multimillion-dollar classic car to sell, the kind that will essentially sell itself.  For those of us in the masses, mass-produced cars are generally what we have to sell.  That doesn’t mean you can’t stand apart when it’s time to part with yours.  Here are three unique ideas to get you on your way.

Get social.  Somehow, we have to believe Facebook wasn’t designed to evolve into endless cartoon reposts and pictures of kids and pets.  A post that you’re selling a car can’t hurt.  Even if your friends don’t jump at it, friends of friends may see it and reply.  Same goes for total strangers, if you decide to make the posts public.

Tweeting that you're selling a car can also bring unexpected replies if you play your hashtags right.  A walkaround video on YouTube can also garner unexpected interest.  Whether you use Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or another social site, don’t beat people over the head with it.  Make it concise and occasional.

Outright to a dealer.  One advantage to selling a car on your own is that you generally get better money than if you’d trade to a dealer.  So why would we suggest that you consider selling to a dealer, or that it’s somehow unique?  Well, who said anything about trading?

National dealers like CarMax and even the salvage company Copart have established programs to buy used cars outright from individuals.  You can initiate the process online and the company will make quick work of buying your car, whatever its kind or condition.

Like you might expect, the speed of the transaction can have its price and you might not see the same money you could get by selling to another individual.  But if you’ve exhausted that possibility or are willing to sacrifice some dollars in exchange for less hassle, this can be a unique way of selling.

Donate.  If you’ve never sold a car on your own, regardless of your convictions, the people responding will lead you to believe Charles Darwin may have been on to something.  Even under the best circumstances, you’re still taking time out of your schedule for every person that inquires and sees the car.  Donating is a unique way around this.

Chances are good that a number of charities you like will accept your vehicle.  Many have streamlined the process and will even coordinate pick-up of the car for you.  You won’t get cash instantly, but you will get a nice tax deduction—possibly as much or more than you would’ve gotten by selling to a private party.  What’s more, you will have helped a worthy cause.


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