Auto Repair: 5 Things To Keep In Mind

Car repair

You drive sensibly.  You keep up on your car’s maintenance.  You’ll eventually need auto repair, too.  It protects your investment and protects you.  Here are five things to keep in mind when it comes to auto repair.

Not if, but when.  Explosions, heat, pressure and voltage sound like great ingredients for an action film, but they all happen in and around a car’s engine and components with every turn of the key.  That can all perform in sync and as designed for just so long.  There may come a time we only need to maintain a fuel and/or power supply to keep driving, but until then you have to expect auto repairs will be needed with the passage of time and miles driven.

Proactive = good.  Some auto repair doesn’t give you the choice of when you address it.  When it does, you should prioritize anyway.  Staying on top of needed repairs preservers your resale value and maintains the car’s safety for you and motorists around you.  Besides, driving is simply more enjoyable when you’re not burdened by unaddressed issues.

Ignoring = bad.  Nothing much in life improves with procrastination.  That’s certainly true of auto repair.  Ignored car problems take on a kind of fertility, because they soon multiply.  At the very least, you can become overwhelmed one day by a couple dozen necessary fixes.  At worst, you’ll have a very expensive driveway decoration that’s unfit for the road.

It’s worth it.  We know of nobody who reflected on life and wished they’d spent more money on auto repair.  It is money well spent though, however expensive and unpleasant it can be.  And because repair shops aren’t established as non-profit organizations, you do pay for expertise but it beats walking.

The shop is your ally.  Let’s be realistic, there are black hats in any profession and auto technicians are no exception.  That said, the majority of them truly want to help you with auto repairs and not drain your bank account.  They have the know-how and equipment,  lean on them for advice and options.  Allow them to explain what repairs they find necessary and why.

Look also for the ASE logo.  That stands for National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence, an organization that certifies over 300,000 industry professionals on repair and service expertise.     


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