Auto Parts: The 5 Essentials

Chevrolet Performance parts for the fifth-generation Camaro

Around the corner or online, your auto parts store of choice probably offers attentive service and competitive prices, or you wouldn’t use them.  What’s more, they should cover the needs of your specific vehicles in these five essential areas.

Maintenance.  The whole idea is to get as much service life as possible out of your second largest investment, runner-up only to your house.  Maintenance items like the correct bulbs, filters, oil, wiper blades and more should be readily available for your ride without them having to order out.

Appearance.  If half the fun is getting there, then your car ought to look good for the journey.  Appearance essentials your auto parts store should stock would be products that fit your needs and your car’s.  As an example, a polish that’s ideal for your finish but doesn’t take a full afternoon to apply.

Repairs.  Even the sturdiest, most reliable vehicles are going to need repairs sooner or later.  Great auto parts stores can not only sell you that alternator or muffler, they can give you options in different price points.  Some even offer installation while you wait.

Upgrades.  No, not the adhesive fake air vents or coffee-can exhausts.  True upgrades are essentials like air intakes, beefier brake systems and suspension products to name a few.  When your auto parts store sells these and backs them up with application advice, you have a great combination for performance enhancement.  Incidentally, that’s not meant just for razor-sharp sportiness.  This can also include outfitting your vehicle for towing or exploring off-road.

For some drivers, handing over the credit card is the extent of participation in their cars’ maintenance and repairs.  Others refuse to allow the hands-on approach to become a complete lost art.  For them, it’s essential to have the right tool for the job.  Many auto parts stores have basic and even specialized tools in stock.  As a bonus, some stores loan specialty tools to help consumers complete the work themselves.


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