10 Best Value Pet Travel Accessories

Gearing up for a trip with your pet? If you haven’t already, now is an excellent time to prepare for the journey by purchasing a few essential or just desired travel accessories – for your pet.

Aside from the requisite crates, carriers, leashes and harnesses, the list of what to take could be endless, and could get rather expensive. Considering the basics and a few frills, here are the 10 best value pet accessories to start off with.

Portable food bowls. From collapsible to weighted, food and water bowls are essential to traveling with your pet. These are relatively inexpensive, ranging from about $4 to $20.

Seat and cargo area protector.  If one or more dogs will be going on the trip and sitting in the back seat properly restrained, you might want to opt for a protective cover for the seat or a cover to protect the cargo area beneath a dog crate. These come in padded, vinyl and other materials and range in price from $28 to $80.

Portable fan. Keeping doggie cool in his crate during a lengthy trip during hot weather is a lot easier with a cage and crate portable fan, available for about $11.

Up & out lifter. At a cost of about $10-$11, a lifter to get heavier dogs in and out of the vehicle might make sense.

Handy dog portable water bottle. Hydrating doggie en route is a lot quicker and less messy than filling a portable bowl if you use a portable pet water bottle. Cost: about $6.

Pet sweatshirt. Traveling during inclement or cold, wet weather? Make life more comfy for your dog or cat with a pet sweatshirt or jammies for a reasonable $10-$12 or so.

Night-light collar and lead. Sometimes called glow-in-the-dark or reflective dog collars, this handy collar makes it easy to keep track of your dog when getting in and out of the car during the trip. It’s also a good value at around $5-$6.

Waste pick-up dispenser and bags. Clean up after your dog during rest breaks with this handy item, a waste pick-up dispenser and bags (costs about $4).

Pet travel bag kit. One way to carry your pet’s assorted treats, toys, extra water, food, waste pick-up bags and more is with a pet travel kit. Available in many different styles, this looks more like a smart handbag than a pet travel bag and does the job nicely for around $50.

Dog and cat beds. Make your pet’s travel time a lot more comfortable with a dog or cat bed placed in the crate or carrier. Prices vary, ranging from $20-$80.

Remember that travel can be stressful for both humans and pets. Giving your animals a little extra tender loving care with some well-chosen pet travel accessories may make a world of difference.


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