Three Great Gas Mileage Trackers

Gas pump
Gas prices may never return to the levels they were just a few years back, but it’s not all grim news.  If we can’t control the fluctuations, at least we can track our gas mileage and be more informed.  Forget about scribbling on receipts, these are a few of the great gas mileage trackers available today.  

Fuelly.  A gas mileage tracker that isn’t specific to a mobile app platform, Fuelly opens up more access options, whatever the device.  Joining is free and setup is straightforward.  With time and more logged fill-ups, you can graph your results and note changes across months, seasons and even years.  Besides looking at your own results, you can compare your results with other owners of your make and model.  Other options include tracking a motorcycle or scooter, and tracking in metric units.  The site also includes a forum and a section of mileage tips.  Fuelly’s introductory video cites close to 60,000 users logging about 1.5 million fill-ups in nearly 80,000 vehicles.  Free at

GasLog.  Google Play Store offers this app for Android users.  Charts and statistics can be viewed in one-, three-, six-month, one-year or entire history periods.  This tracker has an interesting twist or two.  If its gas mileage displays remind you a little of those on the US EPA website (, consider that a spoiler alert.  GasLog bills itself as the only app that also looks at official EPA mileage and lets you compare your results.  If that isn’t potentially somber enough, other available statistics include estimated C02 emissions per mile.  The app can be customized for metric settings and a couple dozen international currencies.  Free 30-day trial, then $0.99 at

Car Care.  However beleaguered Apple device users are portrayed in competitors’ television ads, not everyone is ditching the iPhone quite yet.  For the faithful, Car Care offers one of the most robust feature-packed apps we’ve found, car-centric or otherwise.  This gas mileage tracker has all the requisite multi-period graphs you would expect.  It goes further, though, with visual mapping for road trips or just your commute.  It allows for multiple (in fact, unlimited) vehicles.  Impressive, too, are the maintenance reminders and automatic statistical reporting.  If you really want to delve into the numbers, the app allows import of data manually or by email.  Regularly priced at $4.99, we spotted it on sale for $2.99 at
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