Use Social Media To Sell Your Car

Most GM models will offer 4G LTE mobile broadband from 2014 onwards
It has likely been years since you last shopped for a car using classified ads in print.  Perhaps you’ve come of age searching exclusively online.  Upping the ante, car sellers now include social media sites.  Consider these and others for broad and free exposure when selling your car--once you've placed an ad on either the big paid-listing sites or on free ad boards like Craigslist.

Twitter.  Say what you will about hashtag saturation, it drives microblogging from a thought of 140 characters or less to millions.  And maybe the character limit is a good thing, because we’ve all been turned off by thousand-word tributes to cheap used beaters.     

Facebook.  Stand apart on the go-to social media giant.  Drop in a couple photos, a brief description of your car, ask folks to “like” and spread the word.  Notice how it contrasts with pictures of friends’ kids and endless political commentary reposts.  And speaking of others’ posting habits, don’t inundate the community with nonstop updates.  Do your usual thing too, just mix it up a little.

Myspace.  After nearly succumbing to Facebook, this social media pioneer is going strong again, this time with a strong musical slant.  The shameless plug you use on Facebook will clash in a bad way here.  Get creative, and make your sales pitch subtle.  Something like how the car that got you to a couple hundred concerts has to find a new home now.  

Forums.  Watch your step here.  A blatantly self-serving post as a newbie can get you blocked.  But if you already participate in forums with other brand loyalists, you can deftly pose a question or two about selling and see if any interest generates.

YouTube.  The site already has countless examples of showoff driving, no need to add another.  What you can post is a concise video about your car and what awaits the buyer.  No need for a full-blown documentary; a simple walk-around covering the exterior and interior with basic comments will do.  Monitor any negative comments so as not to work against your sales efforts.

Photo sharing.  Between Flickr, Instagram, Pinterest and others, you can channel your artistic side and post eye-catching shots to drum up buyers in a low-pressure way.  The standard driveway setting in glaring daylight seen in so many online car ads won’t work here.  Play with angles, lighting and location to get a unique look.

Vine.  You have six seconds.  Make it count.  The brevity and endless loop for videos make this mobile app unique and admittedly challenging to sell your car.  You’ll have to give your right brain some latitude, since there’s no predicting what will go viral.  If you happen to sell your car in the process, so much the better.

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