Check Engine Light: What Is It Telling You?

If you see the 'Check Engine' light in your instrument cluster, how much should you worry?

It's a common question, one that every mechanic hears repeatedly.

And the answer is: It depends on what the light is doing.


If the light--technically known as a Malfunction Indicator Lamp--is illuminated with a steady glow, that means that there's been some kind of error in the engine control system.

So if you see the light glowing, take the car in to a mechanic as soon as possible.

Any service technician can connected an analyzer to the car's data port (known as "OBD-II," in case you hear the term) to read the specific error code that caused the light to go on.

There are many different causes, ranging from the mundane--perhaps a tiny leak in the car's gasoline vapor-trapping system--to the potentially expensive, like intermittent failure by a computer processor or contaminated fuel.


But, if your 'Check Engine' light is flashing, that means there's something seriously and immediately wrong that might result in damage to the car's catalytic converter.

That's when you want to pull the car over safely, turn it off, and have it taken to a garage.

Your whole goal here is to avoid damaging the catalytic converter, which costs several hundred dollars to replace if it's been "poisoned" by exhaust gases that are different than those it was designed to accept.

The 'Check Engine' light was mandated by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency in the 1980s, as vehicle emission-control systems got more complex to comply with stricter limits on exhaust emissions.

It largely replaced the engine-warning light previous used on some cars, which could indicate anything from misfiring ignition to complete loss of oil pressure.


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