Car Recalls: What To Do When Your Car Is Recalled

No one likes to hear about a recall involving their car, but it is important to pay attention to any notification you receive from your vehicle manufacturer about safety recalls. This is usually a letter that comes via first-class mail, although the manufacturer may also attempt to contact owners by telephone.

Here is what to do when you learn your car may be involved in a safety recall.

Look for the official vehicle safety recall notice

Using state Department of Motor Vehicle records, automotive manufacturers will send a letter to registered vehicle owners of vehicles involved in a safety recall. The letter details what owners should do next, how long the repairs will take, where they can find more information – typically the auto manufacturer’s recall page on their website, and lists phone numbers to call.

Upon receipt of the letter, owners may take their vehicle to the dealerships indicated in the letter to have the necessary repair work or remedy specified for the particular recall.

Note that the law requires automakers to notify owners about safety recalls. Also be aware that you may receive more than one letter or notice from the manufacturer. The first one will alert you to the recall, letting you know that your vehicle is included in the recall population. If parts or a remedy is not yet available, the letter will advise that you will receive a second notification when the solution or remedy is available.

Vehicle owners are not charged for repair work done to satisfy the safety recall. The letter from the manufacturer will state that the repairs will be “at no charge.”

Act promptly - take your vehicle to the dealer

Don’t put off taking your vehicle in once you receive an official safety recall notice. Some safety defects are minor, while others are major in nature. You don’t want to jeopardize your safety, your loved ones and family members, or other passengers and drivers on the road because you failed to have your vehicle repaired for the safety recall.


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