Subaru Forester LLBean having engine trouble.

Subaru Forester LLBean having engine trouble.
I have a Subaru that I recently had considerable engine work on.  The mechanic wouldn't warranty his work because the car ran out of oil, a year prior to his working on it.  After having it home 6 months after he 'fixed' it, I was driving it and all of a sudden it sounded like there were gremlins under the hood, beating the engine with ball-peen hammer's.  Will I have to replace my engine or can it be fixed?

Answered By Justin Cupler, Contributing Writer:
What it sounds like to me is that the connecting rod bearings let loose. This causes a dead knocking sound. the best bet is likely to replace the engine with a new one, as replacing the bearings in the H6 engine is a huge job. Have it checked by a reputable shop. 

The mechanic that worked on it should be ashamed of himself, as not warrantying the engine for something that happened a year ago is ridiculous. I advise finding a new technician to install the new engine. The engine running out of oil a year ago likely has nothing to do with the bearings failing now. 

What kind of work did this "mechanic" do to the vehicle? 
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