whats wrong with my 06 explorer?

whats wrong with my 06 explorer?
it is leaking antifreeze, but i cant see where its coming from. The heater is blowing cold air. Its doesnt usually run hot according to the dash but sometimes it will jump up super quick, then drop back to normal quickly. It also makes this really loud sound somethimes that sound like it blowing air really hard. and it has less than 50,000 miles!

Answered By Justin Cupler, Contributing Writer:
It sounds like one of two initial things. The first thing to do is to replace the radiator cap and reservoir cap. If these are not in good shape, the pressure in the cooling system is not great enough to prevent boiling. That would cause periodic and untraceable leaking from the cap. 

The other this to do it to bleed the cooling system. Remove the radiator cap, jack up the front of th SUV and start it up. Let it run and watch for bubbles to appear at the top of the coolant. This means there are air pockets in the system that need burped out. Let the truck run like this until no air bubbles are left. 

Try these two things and get back to me. I am always here answering questions. 
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