how to replace power steering pump

bobb asked:
how to replace power steering pump

Answered By Justin Cupler, Contributing Writer:
It's a little tricky, but I will try to give you a basic outline. You are going to need a ratchet and socket set, a power steering pulley puller and a few quarts of MERCON transmission fluid. The steps are as follows
1) Remove the coolant expansion tank (Coolant reservoir). It has two bolts and one electrical connection that need removed prior to removing it. Sit the tank aside. 
2) Disconnect the following wiring harnesses: camshaft position sensor, A/C pressure switch, cooling fan switch and the heated oxygen sensor.

Remove the three nuts holding the engine wiring harness in place and position the harness out of the way.
3) Jack up the van and remove the drive belt from the engine. Do this by relieving the tension on the belt and pulling it off. You need to remove the right wheel and plastic splash shield to get to the belt.
4) Suction out all of the power steering fluid from the reservoir with a turkey baster and remove the reservoir. It has two hoses and two nuts holding it in place.
5) Disconnect the pressure hose from the rear of the power steering pump.
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