Should I wait to buy a Chevy Volt?

Yo Ma asked:
Should I wait to buy a Chevy Volt?
I am in the market for a Chevy Volt, but I am wondering if I should wait for the kinks to get worked out or jump on the first one? Also, is price expected to drop past to first year.

Answered By Justin Cupler, Contributing Writer:
I always recommend waiting at least one, but preferably two, model years before buying a car built from scratch. By "from scratch," I mean a car that is not based off of an existing vehicle (i.e. Chevy Cobalt is a Cavalier in disguise). 

On a car as advanced as the Volt, I am even more insistent on waiting. Let the bugs get worked out and allow some reviews to come up before buying one. As for the price dropping, it is likely that GM will drop the price as more of these types of cars are released. So sit back and research for the next year or two, then make a decision, this cars are going to advance quickly and I would hate to see you buy one now only to have it perfected the following year. 
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