1960 Chrysler Windsor: Electric Inflators

Q--I have a 1960 Chrysler Windsor that has been sitting for many years on flat snow tires. Is there such a thing as an electric pump to inflate them?

A--I would not be without my portable electric tire inflator. My favorite is rechargeable (it comes with an internal rechargeable battery and a converter that plugs into the wall outlet) but also works off of the car's battery via the cigarette lighter.

You can find a variety of inflators, which are also good for inflating basketballs and bicycle tires, at your local auto parts store, Kmart or Wal-Mart in a wide range of prices and features.

Tip: If the tire is completely flat, air may leak from the bead-to-rim area and the inflator won’t be able to keep up so jack the car up to take the weight off the flat tire allowing it an opportunity to seat to the rim.

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