1999 BMW: Oil Details

Q--My 1999 BMW has a service indicator light bar which, after the individual lights go out, advises an oil change or major service is due. Usually each oil change interval is approximately 10,000 miles, which takes about 18 months to reach. My questions are (1) is an oil filter still effective after this amount of time/mileage, and (2) I had purchased several filters (Mann) in the past which are now over 3 years old. Are they still usable? The car is located in Phoenix , and the filters are in the house.

A--The oil filter is not only fine at that mileage, it may actually be filtering even better than new. As the larger spaces clog up with trash, smaller and smaller ones remain to filter the oil. We can’t comment regarding the old filters fitting the new car, but a parts professional can. They can cross-reference the part numbers for you.

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