2000 Oldsmobile Intrigue: ABS Light Has Come On

 Q--My parents have a 2000 Intrigue and the ABS light has come on. The manual says to pull over and not drive. Is this necessary? Any hints on what I might do to correct the problem? The car has recently had an oil change and has been turned on and off several times since the light came on. In fact, it has been driven about 60 miles since the light came on.


A--One should never ignore a warning light; it is there for a good reason. In the case of your parents’ ABS system, it is telling them that they will have to rely on the car’s normal brakes, not the anti-lock brakes, in an emergency. This won’t prevent them from driving the car, but it won’t provide that extra margin of safety to steer while braking. The problem may be as simple as a loose wheel speed sensor connection, so have the ABS checked out by a competent brake technician.

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