2000 Buick Regal: ABS Light Keeps Coming On

Q-The ABS light on my 2000 Buick Regal comes on occasionally with the TRAC OFF light and the service engine soon light. Now it’s starting to make an occasional sound that like something is trying to turn on but can’t. My brakes feel fine. I really can’t afford to get this fixed right now. How bad can this be? What can it be? What can I do to try to fix this on my own?


A-We have a hunch the problem is in the ABS system, upon which the traction control system also relies for information. If one of the sensors or it wiring is damaged, the ABS and TRAC OFF lights will glow to alert you that the systems will not work as designed. In other words, your car will behave as though it does not have this equipment. The brakes will function normally and you may be able to spin the tires on slick pavement. We can’t hazard a guess about the CHECK ENGINE light.

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