1992 Subaru: Oil Consumption

Q--Just a quick comment on oil consumption; maybe I have been lucky but my '92 Subaru (208,000 miles on the original engine and transmission) which I use on a daily basis does not use any oil between oil changes (every 3000 miles; free from dealer when I bought car). My wife's '98 Dodge Grand Caravan (92,000 miles) doesn't use any oil either (though it has had transmission issues). My '83 Subaru was the same when I sold it with 142,000 on it. I would be very disturbed if I had a newer car which used oil at the rate of a quart every 1000 miles. Am I just lucky?


A--Yes, you are pretty lucky. Your cars must have been built to the tight side of the tolerances. As you probably know, there are tolerances for virtually every part in the engine. If you have a few that are on the loose end of the scale while most of the others are good, you won’t have any problems. But on some cars all of the tolerances seem to stack up toward the negative side and, while none of them are beyond acceptable, can lead to oil consumption.

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