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Buying gifts for a gearhead is easy — if you're a gearhead yourself. But what if you have no clue what to buy for your four-wheel-minded significant other?


That's where a cheat sheet comes in handy. Here's a list of gift ideas ranging in price from under $20 to around $150 or so that ought to at least get you pointed in the right direction:


Corvette/Mustang/'57 Chevy wall shelves, $69.95

These fit more easily in your den than a real '69 Sting Ray Corvette, '57 Bel Air, or '64 Mustang (and cost a lot less, too). Plus, they're perfect for displaying your models — or just use them as actual bookshelves. Each shelf is designed to replicate the front end of a classic in full 3-D glory, with authentic grilles, headlights, and a flat glass shelf on the "hood" for your items to sit on. Mounts easily to any wall. Item number AX3312 (Corvette), AW3512 (Bel Air), and AW3502 (Mustang).



AlcoHAWK PRO digital breath alcohol detector, $139

AlcoHAWKIf you've only had a glass or two of wine or beer with dinner, you may not think you're impaired, but with lawful BAC levels getting lower each year, better to be sure before you get behind the wheel. This pocket-sized device could save you a trip to jail and thousands in lawyer's fees. The AlcoHAWK gives an accurate digital readout of your blood-alcohol content in seconds and meets NHTSA standards. Item number Q1502.



Night vision glassesNight vision glasses, $19.95

If you are bothered by the glare of oncoming headlights at night, try these. The amber lenses filter out glare while preserving the natural balance of colors; ideal for older drivers who are experiencing difficulty driving at night. Side lenses enhance peripheral vision, too. Item number TH533.



Magnetic fingerMagnetic finger, $9.95

Just the ticket for retrieving a wayward bolt or other small part you can't quite reach with a tool. This form-fitting stretchy glove slips on your index finger and turns it into a professional tool. A powerful magnet sewn into the tip allows you to hold and retrieve any small metal object with precise control. Item number BKG-129.



Drag racing clockDrag racing alarm clock, $29.95

Wake up to the sound of 800 horsepower staging for the green! Alarm features fully functional "Christmas tree," temperature and humidity gauges — and the tire-shredding sound of a drag racer lining up for a quarter-mile run. Measures 9.5 inches tall and uses three AA batteries. Item number DRC15.



brake memo padAuto Art brake disc memo pad, $9.95

This memo pad sports a magnetic case shaped like a cross-drilled/vented high-performance disc brake rotor, with a red powder-coated "caliper" clamping on the paper pad — just like the real thing. Its case can be attached to any metal surface, such as a refrigerator door. Item number AA40341.



Route 66 CD cabinetRoute 66 Premuim gas pump CD cabinet, from $95

It looks just like an old-timey 100-octane leaded premium gas pump but is actually a 38-inch high CD storage cabinet. Perfect for a car-themed rec room, the pump is available in several colors/styles, with authentic Texaco and Route 66 logos; a lighted desktop/lamp version is also available. Items ES-202MS933, ES-205MS3029, ES-205MS3236, and ES-201KP4099.







Power pack4-in-1 Extreme Power Pack, $99.95

This fully portable multi-function cordless power pack keeps you rolling, no matter the situation. It includes a 400-amp jump starter with #4 welding gauge cables; a 275-psi air compressor with a 1.5-foot air hose; and a detachable 150-watt power inverter (runs TVs, laptops, iPods, etc.) and AC/DC charging adapters. Weighs just 14 pounds. Item number 797027.

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