Honda Called Greenest Automaker



The Union of Concerned Scientists (UCS) has ranked Honda the Greenest Automaker in theU.S. for the fourth consecutive time.

The award is based on a new report, Automaker Rankings 2007: The Environmental Performance of Car Companies, which looks at the emissions of each automaker’s entire car and light-truck fleet. This year’s analysis included eight automakers that according to UCS make 96 percent of cars and trucks sold in the U.S.


The UCS award goes to the company with the lowest overall production of both smog-forming emissions and global-warming (carbon dioxide) emissions over its entire U.S. fleet.


In the period of the UCS assessment, 99.9 percent of model-year 2005 Honda and Acura vehicles complied with the more stringent 2007 Tier 2 U.S. emissions standard (according to Honda), which greatly reduced emissions of NOx (oxides of nitrogen), a major contributor to smog.


Honda was the first automaker to announce voluntary targets for reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 2010, applying both to its products and production facilities. The company reduced its CO2 emissions from its automobile fleet by five percent from 2000-05 and hopes to reduce it by another five percent from 2005-10 through new fuel-efficient technologies, including a higher-volume hybrid and a clean diesel engine. The automaker is also targeting a ten-percent reduction of carbon dioxide emissions at its production plants from 2000-2010.


“Honda is one of only two automakers to have better-than-average global warming scores in every class of vehicles it sold in MY2005,” said Don MacKenzie, a vehicles engineer in the Clean Vehicles Program at UCS and the author of the report.


Toyota ranks a close second-place in the analysis, and is the only major automaker to consistently improve its CO2 emissions since 2001, according to the organization. Its extensive line of hybrids largely contributes to that improvement.


Toyota 's ranking shows that size is no excuse for a dirty fleet,” MacKenzie said. “All of the automakers have the technology today to make all of their vehicles, from two-seaters to four-by-fours, a lot cleaner.”


Meanwhile, DaimlerChrysler wins the organization’s Rusty Tailpipe Award for placing last in the biennial analysis, as it has for three our of the past four reports. The organization’s summary sheet says, “DaimlerChrysler is Public Polluter #1, with the worst global warming performance in half the classes in which it produces vehicles. Its small pickup trucks produce more smog than any class of vehicles from any other automaker.”


Scores are given relative to an industry average score of 100, based on emissions-per-vehicle-mile across the eight studied automakers. Honda gets a score of 78, or 78 percent of the average, while Toyota has a score of 81. DaimlerChrysler has a score of 115, 47 percent higher than Honda.


But even the top-ranked automakers aren’t doing enough, according to UCS. In a release, the organization says, “Even the leaders in these rankings should be doing more, especially when it comes to global warming. Conventional technologies can cut global warming emissions by 40 percent; hybrids can reduce emissions even further.”


The full report is available at


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