Genesis or BMW?



Gore’s “Ass Age”

Would you publish swipes at scientists who say the earth isn't round?

The debate on global warming is over. The only scientists who express any doubt that it is principally a man-made phenomenon are paid for by corporations, and they number in the double digits. Worldwide.

As an automotive enthusiast since I was a teenager, this publication's position that it's some kind of hoax is nothing less than bizarre.

Please keep politics out of this site and just deal with cars. You're good at that. I'd rather not stop reading. You can bet many others feel this way, too.

Bennett Charles


Coulter Says Gore Sign of New "Ass Age"
Why do we love her cutting commentary? Keep reading.


Politics and cars are irrevocably married now. And usually, “debates” aren’t over until scientific proof — not circumstantial hysteria — is offered. What if the sun is causing global warming? What if it is man? Can we really fix it? Prove it’s not the sun — or even merely cyclical climate change — and we’ll start pedaling everywhere.


Meanwhile, remember that when one side decides to unilaterally shut off debate, no one is served. Oh, and some of us don’t agree with your assessment about global-warming doubters — and we’ll bring you a story soon that outlines their case.






I saw this picture a few months ago, and picked up on something — Has anyone noticed that the nose of the the Fantasticar looks like it came from a 1997-2002 Honda Accord?




Fantastic Four Get HEMI Power (3/26/2007)
Summer sequel features Dodge-inspired supercar.




Genesis or BMW?


2007 Hyundai Concept GenesisThis new pic of the 2008 BMW 5 is nicer than any I've seen yet. Wait...that's a Hyundai? It sure would be nice if the Korean automaker had its own design idea! This car shows they have the potential but fail to apply it. Still, I'll take one, please.




Hyundai Details Concept Genesis by Marty Padgett (3/26/2007)
Rear-drive sedan concept coming toNew York show.




Idiots and their in-car offices


The more you put in your car, in the visor or whatever, makes it more theft-hazardous. That’s not the office is an office, a car is a car. It’s like drinking and driving, this office and driving NONSENSE! Are you all Idiots?


Don Yan


TCC Tip: Your On-The-Road Office by Bengt Halvorson (3/16/2007)
Modern gadgets that make working on the road easier.




Joe Blow wants your vote


Congressman Joe Blow's, of Michigan , attack on Californians for wanting to breathe cleaner air is nothing but a cheap way of wanting to get votes. I was intent on buying one of the new Lincoln MKX crossovers, but guess what, congresscryingbaby, now I am switching to a Kia Rondo instead. Who is hurting Detroit now?


F. Montti

Rocklin, California


Mich. Rep.: Ahnuld Says "Drop Dead" by Marty Padgett (3/13/2007)
New billboard, Web site boost campaign, Michigan.


If our geography is correct, California’s clean air starts in, um, California — while the rest of the nation to the east gets to breathe the aftereffects of the Golden State’s power plants, gas refineries, and Chris Rock movies. Charity begins at home — and so does pollution, it turns out.




Varying Flintpinions


Those Flint guys are really good. As you know, print media depends on writing. The Flints ' knowledge comes thru in Tom McCahill fashion (including the irascibility). Or, come to think on it, in R. Cumberford fashion.





I already sent a message to Mr. Flint, but you should know that his article "GM's big plug-in talk" has it all wrong. His point is that GM has no lithium-ion battery to power an electric car, rendering any talk of an electric car void.


That much is fine, but then he goes on to say that no one has a lithium-ion battery for use in a car. Mitsubishi has a mass-production-directed car in testing right now ( Tesla Motors has a (limited number) sports car on the market as we speak.


Does Mr. Flint just write what he imagines to be true? Is there any sort of editorial control at The Car Connection? Lazy reporting like that makes me doubt the veracity of all your articles. Sharpen up, boys!


Flint: GM’s Big Plug-In Talk by Jerry Flint (3/14/2007)
GM needs to stop talking as if Job One were tomorrow.


Neither vehicle you mention is available for purchase and delivery today. We’re as anxious as you to test Tesla’s promised performance.




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