NASCAR Barbie Ready for Race Day



Some people (not us — no, not ever) see NASCAR as a big dress-up game with life-like, media trained Ken dolls. So no surprise — in fact, it’s pretty shrewd — thatAmerica’s favorite doll is making her way to the racetrack in the arms of the series’ top guns.

Mattel has two new additions to the Barbie tribe. They include the lissome Jeff Gordon NASCAR Barbie, clothed after the most popular NASCAR driver ever to wax his eyebrows. This model wears a red faux-leather jacket, blue hip-huggers, and a faux-leather black belt — not the karate kind, just the smart and fashionable kind. She’s ready for a weekend of racing and a night on the town at Chili’s, or Outback, or the Olive Garden — you pick this time!


Dale Jr.’s Barbie goes all out for her racing hero in a logo-laden mini-dress, a red faux-leather belt, and red go-go boots. In Barbie’s words — not ours, but we were totally thinking them — “hoop earrings, a coordinated red headband, and sunglasses complete this fabulous look.”


Each doll is $34.95, and intended for children six years and older. That includes adult male collectors.

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