Car Ads Sweeping Super Bowl XLI

The Super Bowl will see at least eight automotive ads. General Motors will run three: two for Chevrolet and one for GM quality. Honda will run two: one for the CR-V and one to tout that it has the most fuel-efficient lineup in America . Toyota will run two ads for the new 2007 Tundra. And Ford will run an ad immediately prior to kickoff for the F-Series Super Duty.


As I have seen all eight before the game, I’ll lay down the rankings from best to worst as I see them.



Car Wash/Chevrolet

Agency: Campbell-Ewald, Warren, Mich.


This ad was conceived by college students as part of a contest sponsored by Chevy. The students submitted ideas for ads. The winning creative team was chosen to work with the agency to produce the ad for the big game. I can’t describe the ad in detail per an embargo agreement. But the energy in the ad and originality of the idea rose to the level of Super Bowl ad competition. It’s an ad for the Chevy HHR. In a way, I was hoping that an idea that sprung from amateurs would be better than those generated by high-priced creative directors. I was not disappointed. Tune in.


See it on You Tube




Robot/General Motors

Agency: Deutsch, L.A.


2007 Super Bowl Ad Chevrolet RobotThe ad is a narrative that shows an assembly line robot working at the Lansing Grand River assembly plant. He drops a screw. The other robots and human line workers glare at him. He is escorted from the factory. Looking for work, he gets job holding a “Condos for Sale ” sign, and holding a speaker at a fast-food joint. As he wanders the streets, he looks wistfully at his old friends — a Caddy CTS, a Pontiac Solstice, a Chevy HHR. Despondent, he throws himself off a bridge. But it was all a dream. As he hits the water, he wakes up in the factory. The message is that everyone at GM is obsessing about quality. GM, with the best product it has ever had and most of it evenly competitive with Toyota and Honda, has to hammer away at communicating confidence and quality. This ad is a solid Super Bowl entry.


See it on YouTube




Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi


This ad for the Toyota Tundra shows the truck accelerating to 70 miles per hour. It narrowly gets through a closing gate positioned on a mountain. The driver drives it onto a ramp that extends a long way beyond the edge of a cliff. If the brakes fail, the truck goes off the edge. My skin got cold watching even though I knew it would stop. It was a nice demonstration ad about the Tundra’s braking power, no small consideration when a truck is hauling a trailer or payload.




Agency, Saatchi and Saatchi


In this ad, the Tundra scales a five-story ramp pulling a trailer, showing off the towing capacity and torque. When it gets to the mid-point, the ramp tips down like a see-saw. And the downward ride shows off the truck’s braking power. Another nice demo to show off an important new truck.


2007 Super Bowl Honda Elvis adElvis/Honda

Agency: Rubin Postaer


I’m a little weary of the CR-V ads. Using the CR-V to play out the word CRAVE doesn’t smack of originality to me. In this spot, the SUV is sliding around a Vegas light-filled stage to the Elvis Presley singing “Burning Love.” Love the song. Using a song this good, though, is like shaving truffles on a dish in a cooking competition. It’s a little bit dishonest. Show me some story in the ad!


“Ain’t We Got Love”/Chevy

Agency: Campbell-Ewald


2007 Super Bowl Ad Chevrolet LoveI want to give this ad a higher score. I’m not sure why. It’s a nice catchy ad, with various people singing to themselves, making up lyrics to familiar tunes about their Chevy. It’s a mix of famous and regular people. Mary J. Blige, Big & Rich, Dale Earnhardt Jr., and singer T.I. are juxtaposed against a car tuner, a car collector and a surfer, and sings in his or her own style: country, R&B, rap, classic rock. The ad features the Corvette, HHR, Tahoe, Silverado, Impala SS, Cobalt Coupe. The tag at the end is “People Who Love Cars, Love Chevy.” It’s a nice, sing-along, quaint, feel-good ad. And it’s a better piece of brand work than many other out of Chevy in recent years.


See it on YouTube


Ford Super Duty/Ford

Agency: JWT


2007 Super Bowl Ad fordFord, knowing Toyota was running two Tundra ads in the big game, bought the spot just before kickoff. This spot shows a hunky truck buyers talking about Ford being the most capable, with the highest towing and payload capacities. He talks about all the improvements and changes as a digitally exploded truck hangs around him. It’s a neat effect. As he talks, all the pieces of the truck slowly come together, so at the end of the 60-second ad, a completed truck is seen next to a job site with our man ready to get in. I wanted to see a ballsier effort from Ford, especially since Toyota had two very good ads asserting the Tundra’s cred.


See it on YouTube



Agency: Rubin Postaer


2007 Super Bowl Ad Honda SlalomThis is straightforward enough. All the Hondas are seen slaloming passed gas tanks. The voiceover, provided by actor Kevin Spacey talks about how Honda is not only known for producing great handling cars, but also vehicles that are the most fuel efficient. Indeed, Honda has the best Corporate Average Fuel Economy rating. It’s a nice visual press release for fuel economy. But I want to see clever in the big game.



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