2006 SEMA In Pictures, Part V

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2006 SEMA Show by TCC Team (10/30/2006)
All our coverage from the Las Vegas aftermarket extravaganza.

by Rex Roy

Photos by Rex Roy




1999 subaru Legacy Fleet-x

The balance of SEMA came in the form of product introductions large and small from aftermarket suppliers, tuning shops, and hopeful individuals. These companies and one-man shops plied their wares using creations covering a continuum from sublime to utterly stupid.


Toyota Highlander


When exhibitors felt they needed more than cold, hard steel to attract attention, they resorted to adding the feminine touch. Ahhh, the women of SEMA. If thought of too hard, they are a confusing element insofar as how should an intelligent, polite man react when he sees a nubile young thing posing at a kiosk literally falling out of her three-sizes-too-small bikini top? While the Neanderthals simply drooled as they waited in line for their "sincerely" autographed pin-up posters, this man realized the girls were there for the same reason as everybody else — to make a little money as models. With that realization, it became okay to acknowledge their existence, smile kindly, and keep focused on the commerce surrounding them.



1999 Subaru Legacy Blitzen


Ford, however, did XX humans a good turn. Ford's featured women at SEMA were truly the fastest females in all the land. Members of the Champ Car Fast Lap Pace Car team gave rides to lucky SEMA attendees at a special autocross type course set up between two exhibit halls. From the wobbly legs and wide eyes of those exiting their race prepared Mustang GT/SC competition cars, the rides were exciting. Drivers on hand when we observed included (left to right) Linda Pobst, Stacy Kuhn, Kelly Williams, and Gail Truess.



1999 Subaru legacy Super RFRB II


For the benefit of the press, on this same course, SEMA put on a drifting exhibition hosted by Dodge, Pontiac, and Ford. If you've never attended a drifting event, you're missing some of the best precision driving and racing the mechanized world has to offer.



1999 Chevrolet Triax concept


The excitement and showmanship are first class, and the racing is serious. One thrilling move had the Viper and Mustang sliding seemingly toward one another in a spiral. The combined skill and coordination of the drivers kept the asphalt dance safe as the cars kept looking as if they were going to collide spin after spin.




1999 Ford 021C concept

The exhibition ended with the driver of the Viper doing a series of smoking doughnuts while casually hanging out of the driver's door. As the Mopar spiraled it disappeared into a cloud of tire smoke, only emerging once the breeze had cleared the smoke from the track. The pilot was naturally and quietly revealed standing on his ride's roof pumping his fist. Showmanship, indeed. That's SEMA.



1999 Ford 021C concept interior


Note the 25-series tires on this Land Rover. Better be driving on a pool table to avoid bending and cracking your 26-inch rims.



1999 Mazda ActiVehicle concept


Where better to wash your car than in your yard? This booth is designed to make you feel right at home.



1999 Mazda RX-Evolv concept


Dude, somebody spray painted my S550 flat black. Don't look now, but they also stole two of your doors.



1999 Suzuki EV Sport concept


Well, son, this is for those times when a stock H2 won't give you the traction that you need.




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