2006 Woodward Dream Cruise II


by Rex Roy








2006 Woodward Dream Cruise I by TCC Team (8/20/2006)
Toronados, GTOs, hot rods and more.


2006 Woodward Dream Cruise II by TCC Team (8/20/2006)
Olds generations, Marauders and more garage queens.


2006 Woodward Dream Cruise III by TCC Team (8/20/2006)
Marauders, Volkswagens, Bel Airs and Cobras.


2006 Woodward Dream Cruise IV by TCC Team (8/20/2006)
Corvettes, Cobras, Imperials and Marks.


Detroit Revs Up with Dream Cruise by TCC Team (8/20/2006)
Automakers show up in style, including Wagoner and the Camaro.


Dream Cruise Grows Bigger Yet by Mike Davis (8/20/2006)
Organizers estimate 1.5 million visitors.



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Oldsmobiles 2006 Woodward Dream Cruise


A fantastic element of the Dream Cruise is the random appearance of vehicles together. This photo shows a 1990s vintage Oldsmobile in traffic with a much older sibling that's been decked out for cruising.




BMW 850i


Either a garage queen or a constant worry for the bank account, this pristine BMW 850i (V-12 powered for non-Beemer enthusiasts) rolled down the Woodward parade with all manner of more common vehicles. A fine car, too bad it looked too mundane to generate much excitement when it was built, or even today.




Oldsmobile hearse 2006 Dream Cruise


On the highway to Hell? We'll never know. This merry Oldsmobile hearse sported aluminum rims from Oldsmobile's final decade and a great sense of humor.




Mercury Cougar convertible


Not many "personal luxury cars" from the 1970s were offered as convertibles. You won't find drop-top Chargers or Monte Carlos from this era, making this Mercury Cougar a rare cat, indeed.





1948 Chevrolet Fleetside


On the "Triangle" south of downtown Birmingham , General Motors brought out a huge display of vehicles from its Heritage Collection. One was this striking two-tone Chevy Fleetside from 1948.




1966 Pontiac Bonneville


If you've heard the term "wide track" and didn't know where it came from … you're looking at it. Well, not exactly, as the car in the photo would have to be a 1959 Pontiac . However, this '66 Pontiac Bonneville does a great job of showing how a stacking of horizontal lines can enhance a design's appearance of width.




Dan Gurney Edition Mercury Cyclone Spoiler


This is a Dan Gurney Edition Mercury Cyclone Spoiler. Phew, big name. Apparently the headroom was adequate to not need Gurney bumps in the roofline. This absolutely perfect, big-buck restoration stopped Dream Cruise wanderers in their tracks.




1928 Ford Model T


Decked out in Maize and Blue, this 1928 Model T pickup stands as a proud reminder that the USA put the world on wheels. It still sees regular duty in local parades and routinely pulls floats full of prom queens and other dignitaries.




Ford Falcon wagon


Parked next to the port-a-potties, this plain Jane Ford Falcon looks as good as ever with fresh paint, chrome, and dog dish hubcaps. One wonders what possessed a full restoration of such an unremarkable vehicle? Too many summers stuck in the rear-facing third seat?




Chrysler for Sale 2006 Dream Cruise


"Look, Morey, those old Chryslers are on sale!" These Highland Park specials were in beautiful shape, but their owners could not found to confirm whether they were part of Azar's Bazaar.

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