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Fuel prices are hovering near record levels, while turmoil in the Middle East threatens to cut off supplies of petroleum. Meteorologists predict another year of record heat and high hurricane activity as some skeptics start to accept the threat of global warming.

It's no wonder American motorists have begun to think twice about the cars, trucks, and crossovers they buy. Wherever you turn these days, you hear people talking about hybrids, diesels, ethanol, and fuel-cell vehicles. But what exactly do these terms mean? Can they really reduce your fuel bills, trim back on imported oil, and lower harmful automotive emissions? Are any of these products are right for you? And are there any downsides?


TheCarConnection wants you to know all about "green machines" -- whether you're looking for a hybrid vehicle, a fuel-cell car, an electric SUV or a diesel commuter car.




All About Green Machines: A Primer by TCC Team (7/15/2006)
A new generation of vehicles promise to help the earth stay green — but what does it all mean?


All About Green Machines: Glossary by TCC Team (7/15/2006)
What’s the difference between a biodiesel and McDonald’s fry machine? Find out here.






Flint: Billy Ford’s Green Monster by Jerry Flint (7/18/2006)
Fords shouldn't run their company even if the name is on the building.


Challenge Bibendum Goes On by TCC Team (6/12/2006)
In the wake of Michelin's death, green machines roll on.


Can Diesel Make A U.S. Comeback? by TCC Team (5/1/2006)
Hybrids have the momentum, but diesel makers are pushing for their own reignition.


Are Hybrids Ready for a Revolution? by TCC Team (2/28/2005)
Everything you thought you knew about hybrids may soon be wrong.


GM, DC Team for Dual-Stage Hybrids by TCC Team (12/13/2004)
Late to arrive to the party, GM and DaimlerChrysler combine for a novel twist on the hybrid idea.






2007 Lexus GS450h by TCC Team (2/27/2006)
Can hybrid technology make a great sedan even better?


2006 Volkswagen Jetta TDI by TCC Team (1/16/2006)
Tight handling, 40 mpg and the world’s best economy cabin.


2006 Honda Civic Hybrid by Marty Padgett (9/5/2005)
The greenest of a new generation.


2006 Toyota Highlander Hybrid by John Pearley Huffman (4/11/2005)
Take the RX400h, subtract the attitude.


2006 Lexus RX400h by John Pearley Huffman (2/7/2005)
It’s testosterrific-er.


2005 Ford Escape Hybrid by TCC Team (5/17/2004)
Can you have it all with this “no compromises” SUV?



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2006 Hybrid Buyers’ Guide by TCC Team (7/10/2006)
What to look for in the new wave of fuel-sippers.


2006 TCC Buyer's Guide by Jim Gorzelany (7/10/2006)
Your guide to the latest cars, trucks, SUVs and minivans.





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