Wacky Street Names - Some of our Reader's Best

TCC’s Wild, Weird and Wacky Street Names Contest by TCC Team (12/19/2005)
What’s in a name? Politics, riddles and the occasional naughty bits.

Street Names: Wacky’s the Norm by TCC Team (12/19/2005)
First Street isn’t the most common, nor is Main Street. What about Fangboner Rd.?


Wacky Street Names - Still More of our Reader's Best (12/28/2005)
From HoHum to Hell for Certain



Wow! It’s always fun to find some odd new street name when we’re traveling. And we thought it would be fun to ask our readers to submit some of their own favorites. But we never imagined we’d hear from so many of you!


The Wild, Weird and Wacky Street Names Contest runs through January 31, 2006, and we’re sure we’re going to see plenty of other good entries, but we want our readers to share the fun as new ones show up in TheCarConnection.com’s mailbag, so check out the offerings below and keep coming back for more, which we’ll add to the list every few days.


Some of the wildest, weirdest and wackiest have shown up several times, including the one shown in the Young and Easyshot at the top of the page. Jeff Clements was the only one to provide a photo of Farfrompoopin Lane, in Story, Arkansas, which, he notes, resides at Constipation Heights.”


Jeffrey S Lloyd tells us this intersection, in Clearwater, Florida , is, ahem, “Just the way I like my streets.”

Now, we want to emphasize that while we really like to get pictures, you don’t have to provide a photograph to win this contest. We’re sure to consider some of these names when it’s time to pick a winner: Chicken Grissle Road, Beaver Ruin, Haveturway, Thisaway, Thataway, Leg O’Mutton Road, Unexpected Road, and Answered Prayer Lane.

Dingleberry Rd.There are some roads, says D. Fischer, you just can’t imagine anyone wanting to live on. Like Dingleberry Lane, off Hwy 1, near Iowa City, Iowa.

We’ve actually heard from four readers so far about the eerie yet intriguingly named “Shades of Death Road,” which runs near in Southwest New Jersey. But kudos to Joe and Mary Ventoso for not only providing the only picture, but also doing some research to come up with the history behind the name. They tell us:

Shades of Death Rd. v2"History and legend tell of the Lenni-Lenape people who used to occupy this valley; many of them died of diseases such as malaria and tuberculosis, which were rampant in the area. At one point, they were attacked by a vicious Iroquois tribe along where Shades of Death Road is located. After a horrific battle the Lenni-Lenape were slaughtered, leading many to believe that their tormented spirits haunt the area to this very day, creeping through the misty fog that blankets the valley frequently."

There are plenty of patriots honored with their own road signs. How many Washington Streets, Jefferson Boulevards, and Adams Roads have you passed over the years? But several communities honor another well-known name from the Revolutionary era. Theresa Modjeska supplied these pics from Harrisville, Wisconsin.

Yankee Doodle Dandy

Grin and BarrettAnd finally, there’s this entry from Debbie Wedder. Things don’t always come out the way you expected,  especially at an intersection. This somewhat philosophical note was made at a residential corner in West Chester, Ohio.

Keep sending in your entries , with or without pics (though you’ll get bonus points for a snapshot). We’ll keep posting some of the best until we wrap things up in January.

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