Timeline: Chrysler 300

Chrysler 300C: The Next Bling Thing? by Jim Burt (5/31/2004)
Buzz, buzz -- cha-ching, cha-ching.

Iconology: Chrysler 300 by Mike Davis (5/31/2004)
The banker’s hotrod makes a comeback.

1951, February 9 Introduction of 1951-model Chryslers and Imperials with “Firepower” 180-hp, 331-ci Hemi OHV V-8 engines.
1954, November 17 Introduction of 1955-model Chryslers and Imperials.
1955, February 10 Introduction of 1955-model Chrysler C-300 limited production performance coupe with standard 300-hp, 331-ci Hemi engine; total MY production, 1725.
1955, October 21 Introduction of 1956-model Chryslers and Imperials, with revised styling, push-button transmission selectors, upsized engines.
1956, January 6 1956-model Chrysler 300B first shown at Chicago Auto Show, with 354-ci Hemi and horsepower up to 355 with optional 10:1 compression ratio and choice of three-speed manual transmission, two-speed automatic Powerflite or (later) three-speed automatic Torqueflite; total MY production, 1102.
1956, October 29 1957-model Chryslers and Imperials introduced with new bodies and torsion-bar front suspension.
1956, December 8 1957 Chrysler 300C introduced with unique “mouth-open” grille, Hemi engine displacement increased to 392 ci and maximum horsepower up to 390 with 10:1 compression ratio; convertible model joins two-door hardtop coupe; total MY production, 2252.
1957, November 1 1958 Chrysler and Imperials introduced.
1957, December 5 1958 Chrysler 300D introduced with only minor styling changes but last of the letter-series Hemi engines; total MY production, 809.
1958, October 24 1959 Chryslers and Imperials introduced.
1958, December 1959 Chrysler 300E introduced with wedge-head 380-hp, 413-ci OHV V-8; last year for separate body-and-frame design; total MY production, 690.
1960, January 15 1960 Chrysler 300F introduced with unitized body and limited-production 400-hp engine and French Pont-a-Mousson four-speed manual, console-mounted transmission; other Chrysler models adopt 300 “open mouth” grille; total MY production, 1212.
1961, January 1961 Chrysler 300G introduced with canted headlamps, “grand touring” image promotion; total MY production, 1617.
1962, January 1962 Chrysler 300H introduced on shorter 122-inch wheelbase shared with lower-priced 300 Sport Series and overall length five inches less; total MY production, 558.
1962, September 26 Introduction of 1963-model Chryslers, including 1963 300J (no “I”) offered as two-door hardtop only; total MY production, 400.
1963, September 20 Introduction of 1964-model Chryslers including 300K with convertible back in the lineup; total MY production, 3647 (greatest number of the letter series).
1964, September Introduction of 1965 Model Chryslers with new body, including last of the letter-series, the 300L; total MY production, 2845.
1964, November 27 Plans cancelled for 1966-model Chrysler 300M and all subsequent 300-letter-series cars of the time.
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