Special Report: Ford's Centennial

Ford: A Century of History

Ford: A Century of History, Part I by Mike Davis (6/2/2003)
In the early years Ford begat Cadillac, then his own car company.

Ford Timeline: 1863-1943 by Mike Davis (6/2/2003)

Ford History II: Young Henry by Mike Davis (6/2/2003)
Ford loses two generations and ends up reinventing itself.

Ford Timeline 1943-1982 by Mike Davis (6/2/2003)

Ford History III: Edsel & Bill Redux by Mike Davis (6/9/2003)
Today's Ford bears almost no -- and quite a lot of -- resemblance to its past.

Ford Timeline: 1974-2003 by Mike Davis (6/13/2003)

Centennial News

Ford Sets Centennial Plans by Joseph Szczesny (3/17/2003)
A four-day festival includes children of destiny, Mustangs of history and a massive outlaying of good will as Ford faces a murky future.

New Ford Book Highlights Centennial by Joseph Szczesny (5/5/2003)
Prof. Doug Brinkley’s Wheels for the World is a “history of 20th century America.”

Activists Plan Ford Centennial Protest by Eric Peters (5/26/2003)
SUV gas mileage at issue.

Ford Celebrates, And Looks Ahead by TCC Team (6/13/2003)
What’s that part about happy…birthday?

Ford Centennial in Pictures by TCC Team (6/13/2003)

Special to TCC

Sixty Years of Ford Memories, Part I by Mac Gordon (6/9/2003)
A veteran Detroit journalist remembers the company’s last half-century.

Sixty Years of Ford Memories, Part II by Mac Gordon (6/13/2003)
Mac Gordon recalls the Fifties and Sixties at the big blue oval.

Model T: Icon of Style? by Phil Patton (6/13/2003)
Ford’s classic shape had more influence than you may realize.

Icons In Time: Ford Mustang by Mike Davis (4/14/2003)
The pony car, from foal to foal again.

Iconology: Ford Mustang by Mike Davis (4/14/2003)
A classic bred from mongrel bits.

Timeline: Ford Mustang by TCC Team (3/26/2003)

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