2005 Ford F-150 Page 1

If you want a full-size pick-up that hauls something more than sheets of plywood, you’ll want to know about the Roush F-150 Tejon — aka the “Big Texan.” It’s sort of like a 4x4 version of a Roush-modifed Mustang GT, only bigger and meaner.

Jack Roush is a race car driver who got into aftermarket “tuning” (among other things), now working closely with Ford to soup up production vehicles like the Mustang and lately, the redesigned F-Series pickup. Roush-massaged vehicles are ordered new and shipped to participating Ford dealers, so the Roush package of high-performance upgrades is almost a factory option, with the main difference being that the parts are not added on the Ford assembly line, and each vehicle can be custom-tailored with the owner’s specific ensemble of improvements.

The F-150 Tejon, for instance, comes in three basic configurations: the standard Tejon, Stage 1, and Stage 2. The Tejon begins with a stock F-150 (any bed or cab style) and adds a 20-inch chrome wheel/tire package, threatening-looking hood scoop, rumbly dual exhaust (worth 10 hp over stock, according to Roush) and high-visibility “Tejon” bed graphics. Billet gas and brake pedals, a modified instrument panel gauge cluster and special “signature series” Roush performance sport buckets are among the available add-ons.

Stage 1 takes the Tejon to the next level with a lowered, performance-tuned suspension package (in addition to the 20-inch rims that comes on the Tejon) and an “in the weeds” body kit with revised front clip (painted body color), including recessed driving lights and chin spoiler. The truck is lowered two inches in the front and three inches in the rear — which with the suspension mods and the aggressive wheel/tire package produce lateral acceleration capability as high as .89 g, not far off what a Corvette can deliver and absolutely kicking for a full-size truck. Firm pricing hasn’t been announced as of this writing, but Roush estimates “mid-to-high $30,000s” out the door when the package becomes available later this year.