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What do you get when you cross a full-size sport-utility vehicle with a pickup truck? When it's a Ford Expedition mating with an F-150, you get the 2001 F-150 SuperCrew, which arrives in dealerships in February.

It's something we're going to see more of as the auto industry is about to send consumers down a new road with combinations that Mother Nature may have never intended.

The SuperCrew's passenger compartment — with a full rear passenger compartment and four full-size doors — is significantly larger than that of an extended cab and is offset by a smaller pickup bed, which helps keep the vehicle maneuverable.

The idea has already been presaged by the Nissan Frontier Crew Cab and the Dodge Dakota Quad Cab. But those are smaller pickups. That makes the SuperCrew the first full-size pickup adopting that concept to reach the market.

It is also the only pickup truck on the market with power adjustable pedals, making it a very flexible family and cargo hauler. No later than April, a hard, lockable tonneau cover for the pickup bed will be available, which will keep cargo secure and dry. Vehicles bought before that time can be retrofitted with the cover.

Pricing begins at $26,755 for a two-wheel-drive XLT and $29,975 for an XLT in four-wheel drive. The upscale Lariat models begin at $28,335 for two-wheel drive and $31,790 for four-wheel drive. (Prices include a $665 destination and delivery charge.)


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With its overall length of 225.9 inches and its wheelbase of 138.5 inches (two-wheel drive model) or 138.8 inches (four-wheel drive model), the SuperCrew is the same length as the extended-cab model called the F-150 SuperCab.

But the SuperCrew's cab has been extended a significant 12 inches over the length of the SuperCab's interior. That means not only full-size doors, making it easier to get in and out, but 4.6 inches more rear leg room than is available in the SuperCab. The SuperCrew has only two inches less leg room than you get in the second row of the Ford Expedition sport-utility.

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