1996 Subaru Legacy

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Style Name 5dr Wgn Brighton Auto AWD
Drivetrain All Wheel Drive
Passenger Capacity 0
Passenger Doors 4
Body Style Station Wagon
Transmission Electronically-controlled 4-speed automatic transmission
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2021 Subaru Legacy sedan prices start at $23,820, comes with more standard safety features
The 2021 Subaru Legacy mid-size sedan comes with more standard safety features and a modest price bump of $175 from the 2020 Legacy. The 2021 Legacy starts at $23,820, including a destination fee that increased from $900 in 2020 to $925 for 2021...Read More»

Subaru Legacy: Best Car To Buy 2020 Nominee
Sedans may be passé, but value never goes out of style. The 2020 Subaru Legacy is the less-popular sibling to the other Best Car To Buy 2020 nominee: the 2020 Subaru Outback. The Legacy skips the hand-me-downs. It has a mature sedan look...Read More»

The 2020 Subaru Legacy sedan runs toward the best mid-size value
“Runner-up” has defined the Subaru Legacy sedan longer than the automaker would like to admit. Marooned to the back of shoppers’ minds behind crossovers, the Legacy’s been playing third, fourth, or fifth fiddle to the Toyota...Read More»
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