1992 Land Rover Range Rover

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Style Name 4dr Wagon
Passenger Capacity 0
Passenger Doors 0
Body Style
Transmission ZF 4-speed automatic transmission
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Land Rover Range Rover: The Car Connection's Best Luxury Vehicle to Buy 2018
Few vehicles can conquer more of our planet than the Land Rover Range Rover. But we're not just talking about this ultra-luxury SUV's off-road ability. Sure, it'll make pebbles out of boulders and puddles out of rivers, but the Range Rover is just...Read More»

Land Rover Range Rover: The Car Connection's Best Luxury Vehicle to Buy 2017
We need more entertainment than rear-seat DVD players. Swathed in leather and wrapped in wood are fine for nouveau riche; old money knows that conquering nature separates the one percent from the one-tenth percent. Refinement, restraint, and rule...Read More»

Even more Takata recalls: 563,000 Audi, BMW, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mercedes-Benz vehicles affected
Last week, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration posted a barrage of new recalls related to Takata's fatally flawed airbags. Over the weekend, the agency did so again, affecting cars and SUVs from luxury marques produced by Audi, BMW...Read More»
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