2013 Aston Martin Rapide Preview


Aston Martin RapidE Electric Car Will Be Co-Developed With Faraday Future Sibling
Performance brands haven't always been excited about the transition to electric cars. Many seemed to fear a loss of power, terrified by the thought of producing stylish-but-pokey golf carts for the well-heeled. Then came Tesla, which showed everyone...Read More»

Aston Martin Rapide: Very Late To the Movies
You say the name "Aston Martin" in a room full of gear heads, you usually hear responses like DB5, DB4, DB6, etc. You would also probably hear things like V-8 or V-12. or leather covered interior. Let’s not forget that other key association -...Read More»

Video: Aston Martin Launches 'True Power' Web Series To Hype The Rapide
With all the hullaboo from Detroit this week, we're a little behind on reporting news from the rest of the auto world. At the top of our catch-up list: Aston Martin, which has launched a web series to hype the 2011 Aston Martin Rapide. The series of...Read More»
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