Racing Results: 10/14/02
Racing Results: 10/14/02

FIA FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX 10/13 Japanese Grand Prix, Suzuka, Japan (191.579 mi. Race Distance; 53 Laps; 3.617-mi. Road Course; 1:26:59.698 Race Time; 53 Laps) Michael Schumacher, Marlboro Ferrari F2002 (0.506-sec. Victory Margin) FINAL RESULTS: Michael Schumacher, 2002 Formula 1 World Drivers'...Read More»

Bentley cold climate accessories range
Consumer Car News: 10/7/02

FEDS ABSOLVE CROWN VICThe National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) says the Ford Crown Victoria meets all relevant safety standards and poses no more threat of a fire in a crash than the Chevrolet Caprice. The Crown Vic, at the center of a literal and metaphoric firestorm brought by...Read More»

DIY Hoverwing. Image via The Nelson Mail.
Consumer Car News: 9/30/02

2004 GRAND PRIX READY FOR SPRINGPontiac will show off the 2004 Grand Prix this week at the Texas State Fair — but you don’t have to get horse hockey on your shoes here to see it. The ’04 Grand Prix gets smoothed out and styled up, though it doesn’t grow any larger. There are three models in...Read More»

DIY Hoverwing. Image via The Nelson Mail.
Consumer Car News: 9/23/02

GM GIVES 2002 ONE MORE ZEROGeneral Motors is putting one more zero in 2002 — zero percent on any remaining 2002 model, the company said yesterday. Effective Sept. 19th-30th, GM will finance any new 2002 vehicle for up to 60 months interest free. The offer includes all GM vehicles, even Saabs and...Read More»

2002 Paris Auto Show logo
2002 Paris Show Preview II

Related Articles:Index: 2002 Paris Auto Show (9/15/2002) With the opening of the Paris Auto Show just over a week away, more manufacturers are issuing details of cars that will make their debut at the most important international show of the second half of the year. Naturally, it’s a major...Read More»

Flooding in middle Tennesse, May 2010
Consumer Car News: 9/3/02

BIG TRUCKS DRINK GAS, STUDY SAYSPickup trucks are among the worst vehicles on the road for fuel economy, a new study finds, and account for a disproportionate amount of gasoline used in the U.S. The study by the Union of Concerned Scientists says while pickups make up 20 percent of the vehicles...Read More»

John Krafcik
Consumer Car News: 6/17/02

SIERRA CLUB AIMING AT AUTOMAKERSThe greener-than-thou Sierra Club says it’s targeting Detroit’s automakers — particularly Ford Motor Co. — in a new campaign designed to guilt carmakers into making more fuel-efficient vehicles. In the stead of CAFE reductions lobbied away by the Big Three...Read More»

Bosch Drowsiness Detection System
Consumer Car News: 5/27/02

TCC’S THIRD ANNUAL SPEEDING EXCUSES CONTEST!Summer gives us the perfect excuse to line up the latest set of hot wheels — and for some reason, it also gives Johnny Law the perfect excuse to yank us back to earth when the speedo creeps into the top half of its range. And while speeding tickets...Read More»

2004 GMC Sonoma SLS
Racing Results: 4/15/02

FIA FORMULA 1 GRAND PRIX 4/14 San Marino Grand Prix, Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari, San Marino, Italy (189.897 mi. Race Distance; 62 Laps) Michael Schumacher, #1 Marboro Ferrari (17.907 secs. Victory Margin) Next Race: 4/28 Spanish Grand Prix, Barcelona, Spain (190.961 mi. Race Distance; 65 Laps;...Read More»

Ford Intelligent Vehicles preview
Consumer Car News: 4/8/02

BLACKWOOD AN EARLY GONERPlanning on buying a Lincoln Blackwood? Buy soon — Lincoln spokespeople told various press outlets on Monday that the limited-production, rear-drive, luxury four-door truck would be a lot more limited than originally planned. After debuting the 2002 model last year...Read More»

honda safety navi simulator 001
Consumer Car News: 3/25/02

’03 PARK AVE GETS PORTHOLESThe restyled 2003 Buick Park Avenue Ultra has something no other Buick has had in decades — portholes. GM showed off the new Park Avenue Ultra on Wednesday in, of all places, Manhattan and unveiled the Park’s new shape, which incorporates portholes on the front...Read More»

audi r8 dtm safeycar motorauthority 001
Consumer Car News: 1/28/02

KERRY WANTS MAJOR CAFE INCREASESMassachusetts Senator John Kerry doesn’t think the Bush administration is doing enough to boost fuel economy — in fact, the Senator would like to see the government raise the Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) standards “as far and as fast as we can,” he...Read More»

2002 Detroit Auto Show logo
2002 Detroit Show, Part II

2002 Detroit Auto Show by TCC Team (1/7/2002) sponsored by Toyota VW SEEKING THE FUTUREVolkswagen’s fortunes aren’t only looking rosy in the U.S. Though the company enjoyed record sales of 355,648 vehicles in the States in 2001, it also set records to the north and south. VW board member Dr...Read More»

mercedes benz esf 2009 experimental safety vehicle 002
Consumer Car News: 1/7/02

HONDA TAGS MODEL X FOR YEAR ENDHonda’s barrage of new product in 2002 will begin and end in an unconventional way, the company hinted at yesterday’s L.A. auto show press conference. The company will launch five new models in calendar year 2002, says sales chief Dick Colliver. First out of the...Read More»

2002 Los Angeles Auto Show logo
2002 L.A. Auto Show Preview

2002 Detroit Show Preview (12/16/2001) The New Year’s a time for celebration — especially in Los Angeles, where some of the city’s best weather comes in January. It’s short-lived but for a brief few days, you can drop the inhaler and actually see why they call it the Valley. Los Angeles’...Read More»

Bentley cold climate accessories range
Consumer Car News: 12/31/01

TCC PREVIEWS DETROIT, L.A. SHOWSGot plans for the New Year yet? While you’re carousing in a drunken revelry, the world’s automakers (and those of us at TCC) will be prepping for the twin auto shows that kick off the year. This week at TheCarConnection.com, we’ll be at the 2002 Los Angeles and...Read More»

Soviet-era ekranoplan
Consumer Car News: 12/03/01

AUTO SALES COULD REMAIN STRONGThe new car market may not take nearly as sharp a plunge as expected once zero-interest loan programs wrap up, Ford COO Nick Scheele tells TheCarConnection. That runs counter to what most analysts have been forecasting, with some expecting sales to slump to as low as...Read More»

DIY Hoverwing. Image via The Nelson Mail.
TCC's Daily Edition:10/17/01

TODAY’S TOP STORIES FORD EARNINGS FALL The number two automaker announced it lost $692 million during the third-quarter. That's down from $88 million the year before, and marks the first time Ford has posted a back-to-back quarterly loss-it had a $752 million deficit in the second quarter-since...Read More»

DIY Hoverwing. Image via The Nelson Mail.
Driver's News: 10/08/01

FIRESTONE AGREES TO ANOTHER RECALL Reversing an earlier promise to fight any government-mandated tire recall, Firestone agreed to recall 3.5 million Wilderness tires that have been tied to rollover accidents involving the Ford Explorer. Firestone will recall two sizes of Wilderness tires made...Read More»

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