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Today In Press Releases: Turtle Wax Wants To See You Topless
Today In Press Releases: Turtle Wax Wants To See You Topless

We receive plenty of curious press releases here at The Car Connection. Some hype "experts" that we might want to interview. (We don't.) Some tout products suited for "mature" websites. (We may be old, but we're rarely mature.) And some are just plain weird. We'll let you decide where to file the...Read More»

Meguiar's New Paint Collection
Risky Old Car-Care Products: How To Identify, Dispose Of Them

Do you have an old tin of car wax, or a bottle of car-wash concentrate that’s more than a few years old? Don’t use it; they likely contain so-called volatile organic compounds (VOC), which are dangerous for health and the environment. They've been tightly regulated by California and have been...Read More»

CA wildfire, by Flickr user modenadude
Wash Wildfire Ash Off Your Car...Or It'll Eat Your Paint!

Wildfires have become a seasonal fact of life in parts of California, and throughout the Western U.S. in the dry season. But given the widespread fires affecting Southern California over the past several days, it’s likely that many more people will be affected by the fires in ways they didn’t...Read More»

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