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2002 Los Angeles Show, Part I
2002 Los Angeles Show, Part I

2002 Los Angeles Auto Show by TCC Team (1/3/2002) sponsored by Toyota XLR ON HOLD, ART & SCIENCE UNDER ASSAULTThe world will get its first look at the production version of Cadillac's Evoq concept roadster at the North American International Auto Show next week. But potential buyers will have...Read More»

Ford Intelligent Vehicles preview
Consumer Car News: 1/7/02

HONDA TAGS MODEL X FOR YEAR ENDHonda’s barrage of new product in 2002 will begin and end in an unconventional way, the company hinted at yesterday’s L.A. auto show press conference. The company will launch five new models in calendar year 2002, says sales chief Dick Colliver. First out of the...Read More»

Holden vehicle plant in Elizabeth, South Australia
TCC's Daily Edition: 10/02/01

 A WORRIED WAIT FOR SALES FIGURES The U.S. auto industry held its breath Monday waiting for September sales figures that are scheduled to be released today. Auto showrooms were nearly vacant in the two weeks following the attack on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, although they did pick up...Read More»

Frankfurt Auto Show 2001
2001 Frankfurt Auto Show II

2001 Frankfurt Auto Show IndexTalk about the '01 Frankfurt show here! SHOW STARTS ON SOMBER NOTE. The bad news traveled fast, taking just minutes to spread across the kilometer-long Frankfurt Motor Show; the terror in New York and Washington quickly brought the events in Germany to a halt. Computer...Read More»

Nissan IDx Freeflow Concept  -  2013 Tokyo Motor Show
2001 Frankfurt Show Preview II

2001 Frankfurt Auto Show Index As Europe’s biggest auto show, the biennial frenzy that is Frankfurt approaches, more manufacturers are lifting the veil on what they will be showing this year. Here’s our second preview of what’s going to be there. Porsche’s new Targa Porsche added a new word...Read More»

2012 Fiat 500 IIHS crash testing
TCC's Daily Edition: 9/6/01

 CORRECTION: GM SALES NUMBERS In yesterday’s Daily Edition, TCC mistakenly reported that GM’s sales in August dropped 20% versus August of 2000. The 20% figure was a drop in car sales only, not overall vehicle sales. Thanks to a good month selling trucks, GM’s overall sales fall was 8%...Read More»

DIY Hoverwing. Image via The Nelson Mail.
TCC's Daily Edition: 8/1/2001

This week, is launching TCC’s Daily Edition, our e-mail news delivered right to your inbox. We hope you’ll enjoy the new service — and we hope that during this week of beta testing you’ll send us your suggestions and ideas. Write to us at [email protected]Read More»

Chevrolet Corvette C7R race car  -  live photos, 2014 Detroit Auto Show
Power Shows Slower Gains

2001 J.D. Power CSI by TCC Team (7/16/2001) DETROIT—For the first time since J.D. Power and Associates began tracking customer satisfaction, actual warranty repairs are less than 50 percent of service visits. So what? That means that cars are that much better in terms of quality, and don’t have...Read More»

Soviet-era ekranoplan
Weekly News: July 2, 2001

FORD TO SCRUTINIZE REPLACEMENT TIRE LIST Ford Motor Company might drop some tires from its list of valid replacements for recalled Firestone tires, after Congressional investigators alleged that pending National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) data shows the accident rate with some of...Read More»

DIY Hoverwing. Image via The Nelson Mail.
Weekly News: June 18, 2001

FORD AND FIRESTONE BATTLE THEIR WAY TO CAPITOL HILL Ford Motor Company officials now say that the company might ask Bridgestone Firestone to partially compensate Ford for the expenses associated with the expanded recall of 13 million Firestone tires on Ford vehicles. Ford ordered the recall...Read More»

2001 Geneva Motor Show
2001 Geneva Show, Part I

Sponsors of TCC's 2001Geneva Motor Show coverage ONE-SERIES UPSMANSHIP. BMW will roll out a raft of new product in the coming months, including a new 3-Series Compact currently slated for sale just about everywhere but the United States. It’s also adding a sequentially shifted manual transmission...Read More»

2002 Subaru Impreza Outback Sport
2001 Chicago Show, Part III

Sponsors of TCC's 2001 Chicago Auto Show coverage OUTBACK SURVIVOR. Subaru’s Impreza soldiered through its first generation in relative anonymity, but the Japanese company isn’t letting that happen with the newest Impreza, announced at Chicago. While the 227-hp WRX model leads the charge, the...Read More»

Mitsubishi ASX Concept
2001 Detroit Auto Show, Part IV

Sponsor of TCC's 2001 Detroit Show coverage FERRARI’S RED BARCHETTA. Ferrari chief Luca di Montezemolo revived relations with design house Pininfarina to make an open-air version of the 550 Maranello, a challenging task because the 550's design was never intended to yield an open-air variant...Read More»

2001 Detroit Show: Green Scene

by Frank Bohanan Environmentally friendly, or “green,” vehicles have gotten a lot of play over the past few years. At the 2001 North American International Auto Show in Detroit, though, there was noticeably less talk of new pollution-reducing technologies. For the most part, they insist...Read More»

BMW X Coupe Concept
2001 Detroit Auto Show, Part II

Sponsor of TCC's 2001 Detroit Show coverage DODGE UNLEASHES ‘03 VIPER. DaimlerChrysler unveiled an all-new Viper, to be introduced as a 2003 model. The musclecar icon gets more than 500 hp (the exact amount hasn't been finalized) and 500 lb-ft of torque, as the monstrous, all-aluminum V-10 engine...Read More»

2002 Ford Thunderbird
2001 Detroit Auto Show, Part III

Sponsor of TCC's 2001 NAIAS Coverage   HOW DO YOU SUV IN SWEDISH? This concept car, unveiled at the North American  International Auto Show may be the answer, according to Volvo Cars CEO Hans-Olav Olsson. Based off the same platform as the S80 sedan and the Cross Country wagon, the long-awaited...Read More»

Chrysler Crossfire Concept
2001 Detroit Auto Show, Part II.V

Sponsor of 2001 NAIAS Coverage on TCC MAZDA’S RX FOR PERFORMANCE. The prescription for a dulled brand is always more power – and  for Mazda, more power means reviving the rotary engine. In introducing the RX-8, Mark Fields, president of Mazda, said the concept was a huge step closer...Read More»

2002 Porsche 911 GT2
2001 Detroit Show: Europe Attacks!

Porsche, Volvo, BMW and Mercedes-Benz will all be taking the covers off new production and concept cars at the North American International Auto Show when it opens in Detroit next week. It's a measure of the importance that European manufacturers attach to the Motor City showplace, even though a...Read More»

GM plant
Doing the GM Samba

For Brazilian motorists with access to the Internet, buying a new car is now just a couple mouse clicks away. Since the launch of its new Celta subcompact last September, more than 55 percent of the Brazilians who’ve bought General Motors’ so-called "Popular Car" have placed their orders...Read More»